What is the Best Type of Bar?

With so many different types of bars to go to these days it is hard to decide which one is the best.  There are pub’s, nightclubs, sports bars and some cities have restaurants that have a bar on one side and quiet dining on the other, and even restaurants that turn into nightclubs.  There are all sorts of new trends and things going on in the bar scene it is really interesting to take a look and see what’s going on in your local neighborhood.

Pubs have become a place for people to go on a Friday night, and they usually consist of average classic mixed drinks and local domestic beers.  Pubs are good place to talk with a small group of friends and they usually have really good burgers and fish and chips.  It is a great place for just a first date when you want to get a drink and talk.  In my local area, my favorite local pub has a band that plays on Friday and Saturday nights.

Nightclubs are always fun whether you’re in Las Vegas or downtown in your local city.  They are always a place you know you are going to be able to dance meet people and have a great time!  Usually nightclubs are typically for those in their 20’s, and consist of VIP sections for large parties and celebrations.  When you enter that space, the loud music the beautiful lights, the pretty girls and can change your bad day into an amazing night.  Most nightclubs have pricey drinks, which can go for $8 to $20, and bottle service is usually available.  Nightclubs are not something you should frequent every week, as you should save these nights for special occasions.

Going to a sports bar is one of the most fun things you can do on a Sunday afternoon.  Sports bars have so much to offer.   TV’s, video games, upbeat waitresses, can all create a light fun atmosphere that is hard to beat.  A sports bar food has great bar food, fresh and handmade products, one of our favorite sports bars has the best ranch dressing in the world.  Sports bars are places you can take your parents to, you can take your kids to, and they are great place for the whole family.  A sports bar with the NFL ticket package is the best place to be for football Sunday’s.

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