What Are The Chances? See These Bizarre and Random Odds

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In June 2012, the clientele of the Rio Casino, Las Vegas, saw one of the casino’s roulette tables hit seven consecutive 19s in a row – the odds of which are 114 billion to one. Whilst this sounds phenomenal, it is exactly the same as odds as picking the winning-number seven spins in a row as each spin of the wheel is independent and has no bearing on the next spin. The number 19 was just as likely to come up as any other number on the next spin, too.

While coincidences and statistics are long odds-on to cause heated discussions, Galacasino.com set out to find some other random incidents that are incredibly long odds on to happen to you.

Struck by Lightning

Despite odds of 835,000 – 1, this happened to me while I was playing golf and I lived to tell the tale. The doctor told me if I’d most probably be dead if I’d been wearing metal spikes instead of soft-spikes. Odds on getting struck twice – don’t want to think about it.

Being in a plane crash

One most holiday-makers don’t want to consider, but at 10,790,000-1 you’d certainly be one of a very small minority who’s been in one – and please stay that way until at least after I’ve visited Disney World.

Odds on getting an ulcer, compared to family income

  • Less than $35,000 – 10/1
  • More than $100,000 – 20/1

Proving money makes the world go round, and a lack of it makes your stomach churn like an industrial washing machine.

The odds that a man aged 25-44 is a virgin

Unbelievably it’s 35/1 – well I’ll be ******.

The odds people who’ve had at least 50 sexual partners get genital herpes

2.5 – 1

The odds that anyone who reads the previous question buys more condoms


Odds that a man is frightened of spiders

Apparently 80/1 – though perhaps the category should of been odds of men willing to own up to  being frightened of spiders.

Do you think you are more likely to end up in hospital because of:

a)      A hammock

b)      A straw

c)       Soap

d)      A toothbrush

The answer is c) soap. An amazing 1 in every 11,380 people get injured by soap, whilst 1 in 85,000 people get injured by a hammock, 1 in 99,340 by a toothbrush and 1 in 100,600 by a straw.


  1. When we last went to a casino, I think it hit red 14 times in a row. It was crazy!

  2. While it sounds a little out there. That is really not quite all that rare. I am not saying it happens on a regular or even irregular basis. But being a former dealer, I can tell that roulette is the one game the casinos are petrified of because it is the one game that is completely human dealt. The speed of the ball, the speed of the wheel, the release point while spinning are all controlled by a person and that is where the randomness of the game ends. Humans have tendencies and you simply witnessed one.

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