I Used the Cheesiest Pick-Up Line for a Night and Had a Great Time

The cheesiest pick up line we’ve all read about (but probably never heard at an actual bar) is “Hi, what’s your sign?”

I don’t know if it was really popular in the seventies or just became a punch line because of how ridiculous it sounds, but I personally have never thought of astrology as a real science, and never believed it could give insight into my personality or that of someone I’m attracted to.  This is despite the fact that many cultures have used celestial events and observations as a tool for predicting the future or claiming it’s even a way to speak to the gods.

However, I think that maybe all those cheesy guys in the seventies may have been on to something.  It’s not that astrology has been proven to work – in fact it’s now considered a pseudo-science and has never been shown to have any power to divine the future – however, it is a great way to start talking to people and learning about them and their interests.

Asking a girl what her sign is is a funny way to start a conversation.  It’s so cheesy most people I approached couldn’t help but smile and answer.

Then, telling her a little about herself based on her sign is a fun way to break the ice.  Everyone loves hearing about themselves – start with complements and maybe a little teasing, but overall saying some nice things about that person.

For example, if she answers “Cancer“, you can start by telling her a little about how Cancers are the “winning lottery ticket” of the dating world.  They are warm and loving, yet independent enough to not be needy.

For Genesis, I started talking about how she may have twin flame telepathy since Genesis is all about the twins.  Genesis moods and interests can change faster than the weather.

If you’re not having success getting answers (one feisty girl responded by saying “no entry”), an even simpler and less threatening approach is to ask her when her birthday is.  Then you can figure out the sign for yourself and talk a little about whether the two of you would be a good match – for example, perhaps saying something like “you’re a fire sign and I’m a water sign – those two don’t mix, so we probably wouldn’t get along, but let’s break the rules.”

The point isn’t whether or not this is actually true – what feels needy and clingy to one person may be just the right level of concern for someone else.  The point is to strike up a cute, fun conversation with someone over something that is basically harmless and enjoyable for everyone.  Just don’t start giving out free Tarot Card readings at your local bar or bookstore – that’s taking it too far!

“Hi, what’s your sign?” is a great ice breaker – don’t think of it as a pick up line, just a way to start a connection with someone else, smile, and laugh at ourselves.  It’s the complete opposite of what a lot of online dating sites now recommend, such as finding a match that has similar interests to you.  Most people no longer think of the classics such


  1. Funny – I can’t wait to try something like this.

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