Turn Your Garage into Your Own Man Cave

Everyone needs time to themselves on a regular basis to do what they love and to have the chance to unwind. A man cave is a good option to offer the ability to have your own space which you can decorate it however you want. Whether you’re looking to create the ultimate hangout spot for you and your buddies or if you’re wanting a quiet space to enjoy solitude, a garage man cave can offer the perfect spot to retreat to.

Start with a Blank Canvas

To create the ideal man cave, you should start with a blank canvas. That means you’ll finally have to clean out the garage and declutter. Over the years, garages accumulate a lot of stuff. Consider getting a storage unit to house all the items you want to keep but no longer have room for. Make a pile of items you no longer need that are still in good condition so you can donate them or attempt to sell them to earn money for your project. Utilize other areas of your home for additional storage such as basements and attics.

Invest in a Good Home Theater System

Any man cave needs a decent television with a home theater system for the ultimate viewing experience. Having your own television in your man cave will give you the freedom to watch whatever you want, allowing your family the ability to also watch what they want. You can use your man cave to host Sunday football or other sporting events with a group of your sport fanatic friends.

All Lighting that Matches Your Style

You’ll need ample lighting in your man cave to illuminate your space but try to incorporate lighting that matches your personal style. Think of a color scheme you’d like to have and choose lighting that matches it. Industrial lighting is a good choice for man caves because this option looks masculine and fits in easily with any color scheme you choose. Recessed lights offer a more modern touch.

Install Bar and Fridge

A huge benefit to having a man cave is to give you a place to put things you like without making you have to walk through the house to get them. If you have your own bar and fridge in your space, you have everything right there where you need them. A bar and fridge also come in handy when you have people over allowing you to be a good host. You don’t have to have a full bar if your space is limited.

Ample Furniture

One of the most popular furniture choices in a man cave is a recliner. A man cave is a perfect spot to relax and de-stress, so adding a super comfortable recliner will help you do just that. You’ll also want to make sure there’s enough seating around the room for any friends you have over. Add some couches, bar stools, chairs, and anything else you think would work well in your room.

A man cave is your own personal space, so have the freedom to decorate it however you choose. Proudly display your sports memorabilia or your favorite movie posters. Turning your garage into a man cave is something that probably won’t happen overnight, but it’s a project you can work on whenever you have free time. A man cave doesn’t just benefit the man, but it benefits the entire family when he’s given his own space to escape the stress of the world. Take the time to make your space unique to your personal needs.

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