Top Video Game Releases In January 2017


Typically with the New Year comes a lot of new releases in all spheres of the entertainment world. The video gaming industry is no exception. Make time to go through the list of the top video game releases for January 2017 that we have put together. Although the list is clearly not comprehensive it will be has great navigational function. There are a couple of really nice video games that you should not miss as the New Year begins. The best of January’s releases are mainly Japanese. This is a great month for fans of Japanese video games. There are also great real money online casino games that are also available in the New Year at australia’s best online casinos – top casinos 4 australians – australia’s biggest casino bonuses. However, in an attempt to keep things well-ordered we shall focus on social games.

Top of our list is Gravity Rush 2. This is the sequel to Sony’s PS Vita original Gravity Rush. There are a lot of improvements in the second game. The sequel is definitely better than the first game. New gravity modes are introduced in the sequel. To help players transition to the sequel the game developers created a bridging video. How awesome is that?

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is the next game on our list. This is not because it is inferior to Gravity Rush 2. Rather it is because Gravity Rush 2 has an earlier release date, January 20. Resident evil 7: Biohazard will be released 4 days later. There is a return of some familiar Resident evil features including Green herbs. This game is played in first person mode.

The last but definitely not least game on the list is Yakuza O. This game is available on PlayStation 4. The game is based on the 1980’s and involves a lot of gangster brawling. Yakuza O is a great game for players who enjoy getting their hands dirty. As previously stated this list is far from conclusive but is great for realigning your gaming bearings after the holiday season.

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