Tips to Help You Evaluate a Proposal for a New HVAC Installation

While the requirements for residential HVAC installation aren’t as demanding as that of commercial HVAC installation in Florida, understanding every item in your proposal and knowing what to look for in a HVAC professional can make all the difference.

When you start reaching out to contractors, you’re going to get a lot of proposals, but you’ll need to be able to understand them to make sure that you’re getting what you need, and not any more or less. And you’ll need to start with a little research — having a clear picture of what you need going will give you the foundation you need to start evaluating contractors. With a little due diligence, you can get the right system installed by the right people, and avoid high cooling costs or contracting a nightmare.

Here’s what to remember:

An Initial Inspection

When you start talking to HVAC contractors, do yourself a favor: don’t mention anything about the need to come out to the property to check the property size before sending in their estimates. If you start hearing quotes before anyone’s come to inspect the property, that’s it.

They’re done — cross them off the list.

Assess Size and Efficiency of the HVAC Unit

There’s the misconception, particularly among the populace, that the bigger the HVAC unit, the better its output and efficiency. This is not necessarily true. A system is only efficient if its sized appropriately for the space that it’s heating and cooling.

You don’t need an industrial sized system if your property can handle a medium sized unit — it’s costly, noisy, and inefficient. Likewise, if the system isn’t big enough to handle the needs of the space, it will not only be less effective, it will also be operating with a shortened life span.

As a rule, talk to a few technicians to be sure that they all agree on a specific size for your property. This is important because some technicians are notorious for preying on buyers’ lack of expertise and sell them bigger units just to increase their profits.

Pricing Doesn’t Necessarily Determine Output

The cost of buying and installing a new commercial HVAC unit has nothing to do with its efficiency. The type of the system and the nature of the space it will be installed in will affect the cost, as will the technician ordering the parts and providing the labor. But a higher price tag is just a higher price tag — you need to make sure that you understand your needs and the system you’re paying to have installed to know whether or not you’re getting the right quality.

Why You Should Vet Your HVAC Technicians

It’s not enough to pick the first heating, ventilation and air conditioning professional that sends you a quote. Do your due diligence and vet them by asking questions. HVAC professionals will often be more than willing to educate you, carry you along in the process –unless you aren’t interested- and answer your questions. If they are unwilling or reluctant to answer your questions, you should find one that will do that for you.

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