Tips for Getting Your Gun Ready for Hunting Season

As each hunting season approaches, hunters everywhere are eager to get right back out there. If you are someone that puts your gun away after hunting season ends and don’t ever pick it up again until next hunting season, you need to take some extra steps to ensure your gun is ready. One of the biggest mistakes hunters make is neglecting their gun, which can result in catastrophic and completely avoidable accidents. It’s never too early to start checking, rechecking, and making sure your gun is safe to use as hunting season approaches.

Man knowledge #1: Stock Up on Ammo

If you use a gun for hunting, you’re going to need to stock up on ammo. All ammo is not created equally, so it’s necessary to learn about the different types and brands before you make a purchase. One brand may have a tendency to shoot more inaccurately than another brand, so take the time to compare the different brands to find the one that works best in your gun. Once you find a favorite brand, stick with that one because you’ll always be able to count on it doing exactly what it’s supposed to do.

Man knowledge #2: Give your Gun a Checkup

You’ll need to disassemble your gun and check it thoroughly to ensure it’s safe to use. Check for any parts on the gun that are worn out or broken. If you notice there are parts that need replacing, you can have that done by a local gunsmith. It’s also necessary to check the action spring to make sure it isn’t rusted because this can cause the gun to malfunction. You’ll also want to check for any loose screws, especially the ones on your scope mounts.

Man knowledge #3: Give the Gun a Good Cleaning

To keep your gun in the best shape possible, you’re supposed to give it a good cleaning after every shooting session, but some hunters shoot 100-150 rounds before they decide to clean it. Cleaning often will ensure your shots are accurate. To clean your gun, disassemble it and use a small compressed air tank to blow away and powder residue left behind and remove and buildup from the receiver and trigger assembly. Use a high-quality gun lubricant to treat all metal surfaces, using only a light coating. A one-piece coated cleaning rod is recommended to clean inside the barrel without causing damage.

Man knowledge #4: Make Sure You Have All the Right Accessories

Once your gun is ready, you’ll need to stock up on accessories to make you hunting trips more enjoyable. Trophy cam trail cameras, micro LED hat clip lights, and a decent skinner are all popular gadgets to have for any hunter. Good waterproof boots are a must-have for comfort, warmth, and keeping your feet dry. A lightweight multi-tool will definitely come in handy for a multitude of purposes while you are hunting. Deer hunters may want to invest in scent-reducing apparel which has an odor-eating carbon layer to mask the hunter’s scent. Scent lures, calls, and decoys are also extremely helpful.

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