Tips To Find A Good Job With A Criminal Record

There are many different things that are going to slow down your job hunt ranging from the industry you look for employment in to economic climate. Having a criminal record only makes everything a whole lot worse. Unfortunately, this is a situation that is problematic for many. The employers can easily use websites and see if the person that looks for a job has a record. In many cases finding a job is difficult with that record. Since you cannot get a Blackjack at forever, you want to consider the real job alternatives.

The good news is that there are many different things that you can do. If you want to drastically increase the possibility of getting a job if you have a criminal record, remember the following.

Study All your Rights

Make sure that you know as much as you can about the situation you are in before you start looking for a job. The arrests that do not have convictions can show up and it is possible that the record can be expunged or sealed. Federal laws that will prohibit the employers from asking questions about convictions or arrests do not exist. However, criminality is never the reason that should be used why a person is not hired. This goes against the rights that you have as a citizen.

Stay Realistic

There are many jobs that you will not be able to get, even if the law is on your site. That is because having a criminal record means that the employee cannot be trusted for many of the employers out there. It is possible that you will not be hired because of the fact that job nature will conflict with the seriousness, recency and nature of the offense.

You have to be realistic about getting a new job after you get a criminal record. Lower paying jobs should be considered first as you have to rebuild the reputation that you lost. In many cases you also have to rebuild colleague trust and skills.


It is a great idea to learn how to properly network. You can easily get on LinkedIn and become a part of industry associations. You want to find groups with members like you so that you can easily build up your confidence. Career connections are always going to be a lot better when you connect with those that are already employed and that were in the place you are at right now. The help that you can receive is highly valuable. These people can help you get a job and can tell you exactly what has to be done to increase the possibility of getting the job in the first place.

Always Be Honest

One huge problem with those that have a criminal record is that they do not actually talk about the record and do not admit that they were convicted or that problems with the law appeared in the past. Statistics show that around 52% of the employers will think about hiring the candidate that was honest and that disclosed convictions before background checks revealed them.

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