It’s Time to Fix Cold Weather Money Wasting Mistakes


For most of the United States, temperatures have dipped close to freezing temperatures at night so, although we have still seen surprisingly warm days into November, your heat probably has been running pretty regularly by now.  The almost non-existent gas bills that you have been enjoying the past six months or so are about to become scary again getting into the deep cold months so you could be in for a rude awakening if you do not fix many cold weather money wasting mistakes.

Turning the Temp Way Up

It is important to maintain a constant temperature in the home to maximize cost efficiency of the furnace running, so cranking up the heat will only make it immediately warm and probably uncomfortable feeling hot and wanting to turn the heat off.  Adjusting a couple degrees at a time will help maintain a temperature throughout and saving the furnace from kicking on over and over, therefore keeping a significant number of extra dollars in your wallet.

Leaving the Heat on All Day

If you do not have a programmable thermostat, then you need to stop right now and pick one up.  Cheap and easy to install, it is a must without having to manually having to adjust temperatures.  Why leave the heat on during the day when you are at work, so programming a lower temperature during work hours is where you will see the most savings.  Keep in mind any household pets, making sure you do not freeze them, but you can also set the temperature to increase before you leave work so there is a nice warm house when you get home.  At night, it can decrease as well, not needing the heat while you are covered in sheets and blankets, giving a comfortable sleep.

Inefficient Heat Loss

If you feel any drafts around doors and windows it is time to get out the caulk and starting sealing up, as money is just being thrown out the window with the furnace probably constantly kicking off trying to heat the extra cold air being brought in.  It also might be a good idea to check any outlets that share an outside wall, as I have noticed a draft that needed some foam insulation sprayed in there to entirely close up and gaps.

Not Taking Advantage of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans do not only have to be used in the summer months and can also be very effective in cold months if you rotate to run in a clockwise motion by circulating the warm air that had risen to the top of the room.

Forgetting About Sweatshirts and Blankets

It is actually more comfortable, to me, laying around in a cool house with a sweatshirt and blanket than it is to have the heat constantly running.  What says winter more than having a nice fire going, curled up watching TV with a blanket, and saving money at the same time.  The winter heating bills can add up to be hundreds of dollars a month so it is a must to cut corners where you can and maximize savings.

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