The Asphalt Jungle: Province Against City as a Place to Find the Love of your life

If you are searching for a perfect match to start building your life, it’s no wonder that you ask yourself if you want a girl from a province or a city chick. There is a massive difference between those types of girls, but it is not that simple to explain. Let’s start from the simplest levels and move on to more complicated. Although, it is important to understand that we are talking about some average situations and characters, the reality might differ.

The first thing to notice is the appearances. An urban girl would always choose comfortable and stylish look over screaming colors and complex clothing. Vulgar make-up, tiger prints, and high heels on an everyday basis can signalize that girl is from a countryside – that’s the way they are trying to strengthen their position among other girls, especially if they move to a city. Some men like it, some men don’t, but factually it becomes the easier way to sort girls.

Next step is the attitude. A suburban girl is believed to be humble, quieter, more of a hard-working person – basically because she ought to struggle much more to prove her right for happiness. A city woman appears to have high self-appraisal, be lazier and contemptuous. It might sound a bit stereotypical because it is only a part of the truth. Also, these types of girls have different approaches to family building – a city chick would rather choose to marry much later and have kids in her late 20’s, whereas a provincial lady tries to shorten the process of finding a husband and giving birth to her children as much as possible, because that’s what her mother did and every other woman in her family did. This fact may be important for a man to make a right choice. Likewise, suburbia women don’t suppose casual sex to be a normal thing and often stay deflowered till getting married (men appreciate it a lot). Also, as the province has a stronger belief in God, promiscuity is assessed as a great sin and unappreciated.

From the psychological point of view, the main difference between these types of girls (and not only girls) is the latitude of one’s outlook. Yes, it can be perceived as an advantage of an urban girl, but that’s a shallow opinion. By far, a city gives more opportunities for developing yourself and your horizons while a province would only teach you how to leave and be happy (doesn’t seem to be much of a disadvantage). Though, it does not mean that a suburban girl is less intelligent than an urban one, this is an inane mistake; also, it doesn’t mean that a province girl can’t widen her horizons. And at this point, we come across a deeper level of problem – the mentality diversity.

The peculiar feature of a suburbia mentality is its obligatory rootedness, to be precise – emotional rootedness. Provincial woman would surprisingly realize themselves strongly dependent of their home, school, parents, and friends. They don’t actually need all those things to stay alive, but when they are far away, they feel unbelievably lonely. So taking a suburbia girl away from her surroundings might lead to some unexpected consequences, such as her deep depression and melancholy. City girls wouldn’t mind leaving their apartment and move to another county, they are genetically adapted to cosmopolitism. Province women, in opposite, can get disappointed rarely fast and try to get back to their homeland.

This question appears to be more complicated, eh? But we expect you to understand one pivotal feature – it doesn’t matter where a girl was born if she really fits you. Certainly, there are some diversities among what was said, though the thing that does matter is if she’s talented or not. And it is not about professional talent or art genius. It treats her talent to be happy and make everyone around feel comfortable. Even if she was raised in the most intelligent and rich city space, her inner emptiness will be seen. Thus, if she was raised in a poor suburbia family, her character may become willful and beautiful.

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