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charity_buttonsA few weeks ago my niece wrote me asking if I’d be willing to support a cause she’s doing. There are two things that are awesome about this! First, she’s only 11 and is already helping kids in Africa. Two, she’s only 11 and is getting others to help. I’m so proud of her!

This got me thinking though. How often do we support a cause? Why do we not support a cause? I’m Christian so you might be thinking that I’m supposed to do this. Like if I don’t that God will be mad at me or something, and that’s why I should. This is actually one of the many myths circulating the globe because it’s not true.

No one is required to support a cause but everyone should. I’m not talking about giving up your whole paycheck. Maybe just that $5 Starbucks coffee once a week, or skip that work lunch one day and eat PB&J. Spend one Saturday at your local YMCA or give a morning to the soup kitchen.

The Corporation for National & Community Service did some research on the benefits of volunteering and here is what they found:



Volunteering leads to greater life satisfaction and lower rates of depression.

Volunteering and physical well-being are part of a positive reinforcing cycle.

Individuals who volunteer live longer.

Evidence suggests the possibility that the best way to prevent poor health in the future, which could be a barrier to volunteering, is to volunteer.

State volunteer rates is strongly connected with the physical health of the states’ population.



You can read the full report here.

It seems to me that if we want better health and want to live longer then we need to support a cause. And through improved health we’ll then be able to volunteer even more. Ha! It’s like taking four lefts.

Why do we not volunteer? I think it comes down to 2 major factors.

Don’t want to.

Don’t have time.

If your reason is the first one than there isn’t much I can say that you haven’t heard already. But you can check out my article on Volunteering – Men Should Be An Influence of Good and another Fearless Men article called Help a Kid, Help Yourself, Be a Mentor. They might motivate you have a change of heart.

If your reason is the second than that is far easier to resolve. You just need to do some time management or prioritize how you use your time.

5 Tips to Prioritizing Your Time:

Write down all your appointments and tasks you need to accomplish this week

Prioritize each one with a numbering system

Eliminate from your list the least important

Separate them by quick and what will take time

Manage yourself

You see….it isn’t that hard if you put your mind to it. If my niece is out there supporting Caritas International at 11 years old than there’s certainly no excuse for the rest of us to do some charity. You’ll need to stick to this plan though and put some heart into it. Now do some research in your area and show up for a good cause.

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  1. That’s great your niece is starting out at a young age to try and help others! We encourage it with our kids and they are a part of us serving in different roles at our church. It’s our desire to teach them the importance of it so they’ll hopefully do it themselves as they get older.

    • That’s awesome that they serve with you at your church. I admire parents that get their kids involved early whether it’s something big or small.

  2. Your niece is amazing. She has inspired me to donate to breast cancer research this week (wife’s best friend has been ill). Great post and so true.

  3. Great advice here; volunteering works absolute wonders for most.

  4. Donating and volunteering is great for the soul. I try and do everything I can when it comes to supporting my favorite charity.

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