Smart Ways to Save Money on New Clothes

We all want to feel good with the wardrobe we have, but you don’t have to spend money to look good.  For one, it’s about confidence.  You can put yourself in nice clothes, but if you are not confident wearing them, then it doesn’t matter what you wear.  Clothes are very expensive, from shirts, to jeans, shoes, and even suits, and can put a huge dent into your budget if you are looking to upgrade, or even buy for a special occasion.  With a few tips, you can save on buying clothes without having to visit the re-sale shops.

Shop Generic

Taking a look at myself and my group of friends, you will find pretty much interchangeable t-shirts.  Some V-neck, some crew neck, typically a solid color, with those that are a little gutsier to wear a brighter color than the typical blue, grey, or black.  You couldn’t tell what the brand was unless you actually check the tag, which no guy will.  So, the point is, why overspend on a plain t-shirt when you can get one from Old Navy or Target for a few dollars, look the same, and no one would know the difference between what you’re wearing compared to those who overspend and waste money on a high-end brand name.

Don’t Forget the Coupons

Think of it as going grocery shopping and clipping coupons.  If you can save money on a product that you were going to buy already just by using a coupon, why wouldn’t you do it?  Well when it comes to clothes shopping, especially with all of the competition out there, you can have your pick of coupons to shop at their stores.  You can find great deals on %’s off items, or hitting a spending minimum in order to take, say, $50 off the purchase if you spend $150.

Shop Only During Big Sales

Unless you are really in need of something to wear for a special occasion, which I’m sure you can find something in your closet that you can wear, you should try to only go shopping during the big sales to stock up on what you need.  The key words being what you need, instead of what you want.  If you can go when stores have their massive clearance sales and get what you need, then you will not need to go throughout the year and overspend on regular priced items, or even small sales that occur.

Take Good Care

Unless it a really poorly made product, and you really get what you pay for, clothes should last a long time.  By washing, drying, and folding correctly, you could extend the shelf life years.  Pay attention to washing instructions, whether it’s cold water or dry clean only, and even turning items inside-out before you wash.  If you have sweaters that you only wear one season a year, why hang them the rest of the year and stretch out the shoulders when you can fold up and store away in the closet and be perfectly ready to wear next year.

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