Ryan Reynolds– Nervous Breakdown

Green lantern, Deadpool, The proposal, Safe house and Just Friends have one thing in common. Take a guess! The dashing Ryan Reynolds starred as main actor in all these movies and has impressed us with his honesty and sense of humour.

Lately Ryan Reynolds has been really brave and has officially stated that he has been through a nervous breakdown after his last movie, Deadpool. Due to the over- expectation of the movies and the fact that he had to give his very best, Reynolds experienced severe anxiety when the movie first came out. However, Reynolds now knows his conditions and it has made it easier for him to discuss about it. But the actor still put forward that he still feels a little nervous at times, and he has dealt with it by embracing himself and accepting himself. He now knows who he is and how he should act to stay himself and to stay safe, without breaking down every time.

Few days ago, Ryan was sharing his top 5 delivery room tips, so the cute-looking dad is surely back on his toes. He is now the proud father of a second baby girl who was born in September this year.

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