Having a Robot Servant Will Make Life Easy

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Even though we can be lazy at home, thanks to technology, there are new solutions available to those of us needing a helping hand through the use of a robot servant. A perfect example of this is the Care-O-bot 4, which is an upgrade from a series of Care-O-bot versions that were launched in the previous years.

Today, we will look at how having a robot servant will make our lives all the easier. Let’s get started!

Development of Care-O-bot 4

The first and original version of Care-O-bot was developed in 1997. It was introduced as a future robot servant. At first, it was a slow-moving robot similar to the first version of Honda’s ASIMO. The funny thing is that it had several functions that are no longer needed because most of these features can now be performed through smart phones, such as live video calls.

After several years, it was redesigned and improved from being a simple piece of moving equipment into a robot butler called Care-O-bot 3. This version of Care-O-bot can perform other actions.

However, this version is a more cautious and reserved butler. This is why Fraunhofer has redeveloped this robot and launched a more active and dynamic version called the Care-O-bot 4.

What Care-O-bot 4 Can Do

Care-O-bot 4 is a more friendly, active, and expressive robot servant that can move like humans. The arms are flexible, agile, and quick, and because of this, it can lift and carry an object the way we pick up items and put them in specific locations. It’s a modular robot with omnidirectional modules that you can customize based on the price package you can afford.

This robot is more than the usual robot that you have to control and command. This robot is AI-enabled, and it can interact independently depending on how you have programmed it. For instance, you can hug and kiss the robot, and it will perform some gestures to express how happy it has become.

Care-O-bot 4 can move on its own and makes decisions without waiting for a command. Of course, you need to perform some kind of input that its algorithm can understand and convert into motion. You can tell the robot to get you some coffee without reiterating where it should go and what it should touch first.

What Care-O-bot 4 Can’t Do

It’s amazing how Care-O-bot 4’s arms move like human arms. However, it doesn’t have feet, so it can’t use stairs.

The wheels are smaller, so there is a risk that the robot may not do well on carpets; however, it’s perfect for smooth surfaces. Care-O-bot 4 is not yet the humanoid robot people imagine in science fiction, as it is incapable of performing with the mobility of legs.

Final Thoughts

Although it will take time before we see an i-robot in reality, the Care-O-bot 4 is one of the best so far developed. From its very first version, it has proven it can continue to evolve and mature over time. Nonetheless, Care-O-bot 4 is still young, but it is growing fast.

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