Resolving Conflicts in E-Commerce (and the Tools to Streamline Operations)

It’s difficult to convey the divide between the vision of the website owner and those visiting. Small business owners sometimes take affront to changing direction even though changes are based on best practices and tried-and-true e-commerce solutions.

Conflicts happen with:

·  The need to perform checkups on the shopping experience and checkout process

·  The choice and evolving standards in layout, color, and typography

·  The integrated, premium tools and platforms versus free solutions

The visitor does not care how the site operates – they care if they’re able to find what they’re looking for. Yet, business owners tend to think they “know what’s best”.

Enter: Conflict

Conflicts arise and tension sets in between the site owner and the designer(s) & developer(s). The nit-picking and resistance delays completion of the project. Worse, it’s launched but gutted of features that would have made it a success – the owner’s ego has extinguished its opportunity.

How can conflict reach a conclusion?

Trust the designer/developer – These individuals are no fools. Designers and developers spend hours studying and practicing their trade. Hiring these individuals isn’t only about their ability to turn an idea into a realized project. Designers & developers tap into their deep understanding of best practices and creativity.

Leverage competitor research – The dominant player within the industry and marketplace has done the research. They have paved the way through their development. Swipe the good ideas found in the site design, features, advertising, and marketing campaigns. Use competition as a baseline since they have found success in their efforts.

These two shifts in mindset remove the stress and tension found in website development. The site creation is in good hands on track to do one better than the competition. This will cover the developmental phase and early stages of growth and evolution.

Implement a Solution

There are several e-commerce solutions that can help improve your site by generating more traffic and converting shoppers into buyers. If your e-commerce site isn’t performing as well as it used to, it is important to implement a solution that can turn shoppers into buyers and increase revenue for your site. One strategic approach is to implement a system that can accurately predict which products your consumers are most likely to buy, and help point them in the right direction, ultimately driving traffic back to your e-commerce site.

How are operations streamlined in e-commerce?

Customer Relationship Management Systems – CRMs, such as Salesforce, integrate with shopping carts and e-commerce platforms to pull customer & lead data into a workable database for the sales department. These platforms create rapport with visitors & customers which satisfy inquiries, orders, and feedback. CRMs remove the chance to neglect individuals by keeping sales and customer service personnel well-informed and on schedule.

·  Routine Documentation – Tech-focused individuals hop ship at new opportunities without fair warning. With their departure goes the understanding of the e-commerce front & backend unless it has been meticulously detailed and recorded. It’s crucial to have each employee create a report and step-by-step process of how their work is done in the event of a sudden absence.

·  Automated Logistics – The shipment of products can reach a snail’s pace if the facility and workforce are not capable with sudden spikes in sales and popularity. The business model improves once logistics are automated using fulfillment services and shipping software that does inventory management, supply chain orders, and product processing.

Three behind-the-scene solutions to streamline operations. Do they come as a surprise?


Developing a business with a focus in e-commerce is an overwhelming project that pushes owners to wit’s end. Costs of the development run high which warrants the need to keep the project on track but not to the point of total control, which disrupts the abilities of those making it possible.

Through trust and leverage the site will reach actualization. With the right use of resources and e-commerce solutions the site will operate smoothly and hit its stride for growth.

With the conflicts settled and the site operating through tried-and-true systems – the satisfaction of customers will be fulfilled and with it comes success and profitability.

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