Is Replacing Greenhouse Glass with Perspex a Good Idea?

A greenhouse is always great for those who love gardening. Even when the weather is less than perfect, you can still plant certain types of plants that require large amounts of heat and sunlight in order to grow.

The only problem with having a greenhouse is the maintenance (and extra protection) the glass needs, not to mention how expensive it is to replace if panes get broken. Fortunately, it is now possible to replace greenhouse glass with Perspex or polycarbonate. In fact, there are a number of benefits to enjoy when you choose to make this replacement.

Better Light Diffusion

Acrylic and clear polycarbonate have a lower light transmission rating than glass. A moderately thick glass can transmit up to 98% of the light without a problem. A 3mm Perspex sheet, on the other hand, has a transmission rating of around 94%. This rating drops to around 90% as you add a couple of millimetres of thickness.

However, light transmission is not the only thing you need to focus on when building your greenhouse. The way the light gets transmitted matters too. In a relatively small to medium-sized greenhouse, diffused light is much better.

When the light is diffused, it can reach corners and places that direct sunlight can’t reach optimally. It will also offer a steadier stream of light and heat. You can get these benefits by replacing glass with Perspex.

Lower Maintenance

Another good reason to use Perspex sheets for greenhouses is strength. Polycarbonate sheets are processed in a way to give them immense strength. They very rarely break even under heavy pressure; there is no risk of broken pieces hurting anyone working inside the greenhouse either.

Perspex also requires almost no maintenance. Once installed, you only need to clean it regularly. It will withstand heavy weather conditions and changes in temperature as well.

It is also worth noting that polycarbonate can be used for the cold frames of the greenhouse. You can also use the same material to make cloches and as a replacement for the greenhouse door. You can choose to use clear Perspex throughout, allowing more light to reach the plants and adding more strength to the structure itself.

More Affordable than Glass

If the previous benefits aren’t enough to make you consider Perspex as a replacement for your greenhouse glass, then this next one will definitely get you thinking. The most ideal type of Perspex to use is a 4mm, twin-wall Perspex sheet. This will give you the best light transmission to strength ratio.

It is worth noting that the Perspex sheeting is more affordable than the equivalent glass. You can also use the polycarbonate replacement over a long period of time. Perspex is very durable, will last for more than 10 years and doesn’t break as easily as glass.

Add these benefits up and you have a solid replacement option for the glass in your greenhouse. Is replacing greenhouse glass with Perspex a good idea? The answer to this question is most definitely YES.

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