Quotes From Stupid People: Foolish Quotes for April

quotes from stupid peopleIn honor of April Fools, I thought we should extend this one more day with some foolish quotes. Quotes from stupid people. I won’t tell you which one I made up myself.


In the game of life, life always wins.
Because it kills you in the end.

Ok, I’ll concede. This isn’t one of those “quotes from stupid people.”


I’m like a tree. I feed the branches of the people.
-Kanye West


I couldn’t imagine somebody like Osama bin Laden understanding the joy of Hanukkah.
-President George W. Bush

Now I don’t feel comfortable mocking former or current presidents, but Bush said some pretty incredible stuff. I love the guy, he had this local, smarmy charm. To be fair, I’ve got to include the sitting president in the list of quotes from stupid people, although I don’t regard either of these men as dumb.


When I meet with world leaders, what’s striking — whether it’s in Europe or here in Asia… -mistakenly referring to Hawaii as Asia while holding a press conference outside Honolulu, Nov. 16, 2011
-President Barack Obama

You do realize that he was born in Hawaii, right? Foolish quotes for sure…


Do you know what happens to a toad when it gets struck by lightning? Same thing that happens to everything else.

Storm says this to Toad in the first X-Men film. A pretty big blemish on what was pretty decent writing. I don’t know how that got past anyone, out of Halle Barry’s mouth, and into a camera…quotes from stupid people, somewhere at the studio.


Ill never let go Jack, I’ll never let go.
-Rose in the film Titanic.

Minutes before she lets go and he dies a cold, watery death.


The sun has been there for 500, 600 years.
-Major League Baseball outfielder, Mike Cameron

It’s sad really. To think that he’ll burn through millions of dollars that I’ll never have.


He treats us like men. He lets us wear earrings.
-Torrin Polk, former University of Houston receiver, on his coach, John Jenkins


More quotes from stupid people?

Please leave us with your favorite quotes from stupid people–if you actually know the person (but don’t named them), even better. Start off April right by sharing the joy of some foolish quotes.

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  1. Wow, just wow! Those are some doozies. I was listening to ESPN Radio the other day and they were interviewing players from LaSalle’s men’s basketball team. When asked about teams they might potentially play they said that Arizona was in Mexico…WOW!

  2. I absolutely can’t stand Kanye West. The man is a complete idiot! Here is another one of his stupid quotes/lyrics…

    “White people get money and don’t spend it. Or they might buy a business. I’d rather go out and buy 80 gold chains and be ignorant”

    • I once thought he was extremely creative, transforming the rap genre. But his narcissism is too much for me.

      I caught those lyrics on the radio to. Not to sound like an old guy…but what are kids listening to these days?? haha

  3. Funny article Todd! Not sure I’d classify either of the most recent presidents as intelligent! I’ve got to admit, Bush had some winners in his day!

  4. Dan Quayle was always good for a few laughs.

    “It’s wonderful to be here in the great state of Chicago.” -Dan Quayle

    “I love California, I practically grew up in Phoenix. ” -Dan Quayle

    Joe Biden has been, too.

    “I exaggerate when I’m angry, but I’ve never gone around telling people things that aren’t true about me.” -Joe Biden

  5. Thanks for putting these together Todd. I can’t think of any quotes off the top of my head, but that is because I tend to stop listening when I hear stupid people talk.

  6. One of my favorites is the Joe Theisman classic: half of the game is 90% mental. (Certainly true about finances.)

  7. That Torrin Polk one is great! Hahahaha!

    It’s a joke of course, but I like Anchorman when Ron says about that sex panther spray, “60% of the time, it works every time.” Ha! 🙂

  8. Yogi Berra has some great ones! “No one goes to that restaurant anymore… it’s too crowded.”

  9. One list I never want to be on!

  10. I’ve always liked Marion Barry. The man was a politically prolific idiot:

    My favorite quote of Mr. Barry’s: “Outside of the killings, DC has one of the lowest crime rates in the country.”

    Another doozy from Joe Biden: “When the stock market crashed, Franklin D. Roosevelt got on the television and didn’t just talk about the, you know, the princes of greed. He said, ‘Look, here’s what happened.’”

    If the man knew (or better yet, paid ANY attention to) any history class he ever attended, he’d know the stock market crashed occurred in 1929 and FDR took office in 1933…

    Oh, and I believe TVs were not even in the market yet. Indeed they weren’t! http://www.ideafinder.com/history/inventions/television.htm

    As usual, with my thanks to my two favorite jokesters for the laughs–the future of America, in light of these many icons of idiocy, makes meI cry for my kids–they will need all of the willpower they can amass to not clobber the many idiots that shall surround them on a daily basis as adults.

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