Purchases to Make When You are Young

When you are young, money is tight, as you probably are recently out of school and beginning to make a little money and start to set up for the major spending events in life, buying a house and getting married.  There are a few purchases though that should be slipped in, maybe even costing a little more than you expected to pay, but given that you get what you pay for, they could last for years if you take care of them while they take care of you.

Programmable Coffee Pot

For around $20 you can get a coffee maker that you can fill and set the night before so that you can wake up to the smell of fresh coffee in the morning to help get you out of bed.  As you are ready to head out the door you can pour into your travel coffee cup, and you can still drink Dunkin’ Donuts, but saving ton by buying in bulk, instead of $3 at a time each day.  Yes, I know it does taste better at the source, so straying once in a while isn’t completely frowned upon, as long as it’s not every day.

Quality Mattress

Back trouble is a serious issue when you get older, so you might as well try and extend the life of your healthy back by sleeping on a quality, comfortable mattress instead of keeping that same soft mattress you probably grew up sleeping on.  You will have to shell out a little extra as you get what you pay for, but it will be worth it when you are well rested, have a few less age lines on your face, and you don’t ache daily with a bad back.

Travel Plans

Life is all about the experiences, so try not to get too wrapped up in daily life with work that you don’t get to enjoy time with friends, family, and significant other.  Going to concerts, seeing the city, and getting to experience traveling to others will only make you better as a person by seeing there is more to life than just the four walls of your house.  There is a line between spending too much money and how much you should spend, so as long as you can afford it and are still stashing money away for retirement, without going into debt, then so what!

Updated Laptop

Sure, we’ve all had that one laptop that is probably five years beyond the expiration, where you can’t even update the operating system anymore, and runs at a snail pace when you try and keep a couple programs open at the same time, but investing the money in not only a working laptop, but up to date, can help that work and life balance, especially if you do work from home, when the two are combined, you want to be able to stay ahead, balancing handling the finances, work, while listening to music and surfing sites and videos, all at the same time.  After all, no one is productive 100% of the day, we all have down time…

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