A Proposal For The Perfect Proposal

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So you’re considering popping the question. Congratulations!

Unfortunately, in the middle of all the thoughts swirling through your head about the future, you’re probably already sweating the act of proposing. How can you frame everything just the right way to ensure that you get a great story to share with your children? (Sorry. Too much too soon?)

Here are some tips to help you make sure your proposal becomes a memorable event and not just an agreement to enter a legal arrangement.

Choose A Great Setting

It’s rare that dropping to one knee on the city sidewalk is effective. A loud motorcycle could happen by right after “Will you…”, or you could get splashed in the face from a puddle in the street. You could even drop the ring down the storm sewer.

Be smart. Think of the places that have been important in your relationship without being obvious. The best site is one that she won’t immediately realize is significant, but in the context of your big question will suddenly make perfect sense. So the little gazebo where you first exchanged I love you’s is preferable to your favorite restaurant, especially if that happens to be a beer n’ wings kind of place.

Where did you first admire her from afar? Where did you have your first date? Where did you first take a road trip together? Think back–maybe even reviewing Facebook for reminders–and pick a place with meaning.

Choose A Great Setting

Huh? Wasn’t there already a section with that heading? Yes there was. But this time, we’re talking about a totally different setting. This time, we mean a diamond setting.

Shopping for jewelry makes men nervous. If you’re involved with a woman who is selective about fashion, you are probably mortified to think of purchasing something as expensive as a diamond ring without letting her see it, try it on, and show it to thirty or forty friends.

But the process is actually easier than it sounds. You can even buy your diamond engagement ring online so that you don’t have to sneak around the mall and agonize over a glass case with the fear that she’ll walk up behind you.

The best moves are to talk with her trustworthy friends, and to review her existing jewelry. Check the cut of any diamonds she already has, such as earrings. See if she’s a white gold girl or a yellow one. Ask friends if she has ever mused over certain rings. They’ll be so thrilled at what’s going on that they’ll sing like a canary.

Get Organized

You don’t necessarily need an elaborate proposal to make a splash. If your lady is shy, she might withdraw into her turtle shell to be at the center of attention. But have some simple things wrapped up and not left to chance. As noted on the location topic, choose somewhere with modest or no traffic from pedestrians and vehicles. Nothing like trying to drop to one knee amid hundreds of bustling commuters. Have a super-secure but low-profile means of transporting the ring on your person. If she’s traditional and has spelled out that you are to ask her father first, then do so ahead of time. Withdraw large sums of cash from your bank if bribery will be required here.

The point is to cover your bases and be sure that when the moment comes, your ducks are in a row (and softly quacking something by Barry White).

So there’s a thumbnail sketch. It’s something to get you started on a perfect proposal for your chosen one.


  1. I would add to write down your proposal as well. I know when I proposed, my wife was crying and didn’t hear half of the things I said to her. Afterwards, she wanted to know what all I said. Since I wrote it down, I was able to give it to her and now she keeps with all of our other memories.

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