Powerful Male Figures: Teaching Life Lessons to Children

Father  Son Fist BumpWhen it comes to a child’s education, parental support is the most important piece in ensuring a successful learning experience. A school staff can bend over backwards but if no one helps at home, it is a tough road to climb. Mothers are usually given the most credit, yet fathers and father figures are equally important in guiding children on the right path in life. They will be the first teachers, before children ever set foot in a school, and their lessons will last a lifetime. Brothers equally play a role in their siblings lives and influence them. They’re role models and their siblings will look at them as such.

Father Figures: Teaching Life Lessons by Example

Men have an unbelievable influence on children simply through the examples they provide the children in their lives. When fathers shine a light at home through the love they hold for their family, children will grow and mature. When fathers head off to work each day and return to do chores at home, they teach responsibility. When they join their children in backyard games and at the dinner table each night, fathers provide continuity. This holds true for other male figures in the lives of children as well. Good friends of the family, uncles, grandfathers, and older brothers are all teachers, whether they realize it or not. Children will learn by their actions and words, soaking everything in like a sponge. If they are provided with high standards, children will rise to the occasion and grow up to be honorable adults. Boys will learn what it is to be hardworking, trustworthy, kind men. Girls will learn the same lessons as well as how they should be cherished by the men in their lives.

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Male Figures: Extending School Lessons at Home 

Fathers and other father figures can take an active roll in a child’s education. It begins from the time that a baby is born. Through the formative years, before children go to school, fathers and other positive male influences guide children. They engage them in conversation, take them places, provide social interaction, and expose them to a variety of activities. When school season begins, it is extremely important that men assist children with their schoolwork. In that way, the importance of education is stressed. Children will only find their schooling meaningful if someone at home is reinforcing that concept.

Don’t be absent and then show up too late.i_am_your_father

Fathers can help with homework alongside mothers. Each parent can alternate while household chores are underway. Men can become study buddies and dive into projects. They can volunteer at school or offer to be a guest when it is career day. Men need to dedicate time to their children. When there is a need for advice, fathers and male figures have a gold mine of information and experiences to draw from. They can help children to get involved in sports, act as coaches, run the car pool, and go to the PTA meetings. When it comes to special functions at the school, fathers need to make a presence as well. Every time that they are involved in anything regarding their children’s education, fathers show how much school and their children matter.

Brothers: Hand-Me-Downs can be More Than Physical Possessions

I’m not a father but I’m the eldest son with 2 sisters and 3 brothers under me. I have one older sister. My earliest memories are of my parents asking me to watch my brother David and sister Laura. Four more were born after them, and all the way until I left home I was watching, teaching, helping, playing with and being an older brother. It’s a role and responsibility you get thrown into with no lesson plan or class to hone your skill. Brothers can solely influence their younger siblings in what they wear through hand-me-downs, or they can also pass on advice and knowledge. They can be an example of showing respect to elders, keeping their room clean, doing their homework, and playing fairly. Brothers can offer guidance every step of the way until they leave home, and usually after that as well.

Male Figures have an incredible impact on children, whether they are conscious of the fact or not. The more actively involved they are, the greater influence they will have. When children can turn to positive, male role models as they grow up, they will truly follow a better path. The examples that were instilled by the men in their lives will be passed on to the next generation.

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  1. A friend of mine has gone back to school to become an elementary school teacher and several people have highlighted how nice it will be for children to have additional male role models at young ages, as it is rare to see men involved in children’s lives in primary grades. I’m pretty happy to see it, as well.

    • Good for him! Teaching isn’t an easy job and I’m sure his involvement will be a positive impact in their lives. Experience is a great source to draw from and children need both men and women in their lives.

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