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The college years are often described as the most memorable, most enjoyable of many people’s lives. It’s just not about the memories, though, no. College can provide you with experiences that aid in growth, development and future success. With an increasingly competitive workforce and interdependent global economy, gaining international experiences during college is more important now than ever before. Not everyone can travel to exotic locations, but studying abroad is an ideal way to immerse yourself in a different culture and learn more about the world and yourself in a safe, intellectually stimulating environment.

One of the most intriguing and useful locations to visit is the Middle East. Seeing expanding economies in areas such as Dubai and the United Arab Emirates is a one-of-a-kind experience for American students. It’s important to assess the education quality when considering universities in UAE, as well as the exposure to a new culture that can provide a lifetime of insights and connections for future success. Among the top destinations are:

Making a name for itself as a top-tier university, the American University of Sharjah, founded in 1997, offers computer engineering, chemical engineering, computer science, Master of Business Administration and Executive Master of Business Administration, just to name a few. Thanks to the UAE’s unique industrial and business setting, this urban campus offers students a highly practical educational experience coupled with numerous academic support programs so that students get the most out of their time in and outside of class. Tuition is less per semester than many top-tier public universities in the United States. Accommodation is also reasonable and there are various options, such as single, double and private rooms.

Then there’s the Middlesex University Dubai, which opened in 2004 as an extension of the originally London-based university. This campus is housed in the Dubai Knowledge Village and is largely business-focused, a testament to Dubai’s strong economic environment, but also runs courses of study in media, communications, healthcare and more. The university provides scholarship opportunities and offers experiences to help graduates find careers. Tuition is also reasonably priced per semester, costing less than a lot of American private schools.

Meanwhile, the United Arab Emirates University, established in 1976, is highly selective when it comes to international students. Located in the oasis city of Al Ain, the university is recognized as a business and research institution but also has courses on law, medicine and health sciences, information technology, humanities, engineering, education and more. Both undergraduate and graduate degrees are available, and the university offers several clubs and activities, plus academic support to promote employment opportunities.

So rather than stay at home and study at any old American university, you should seize the opportunity to study in the UAE (and sneak in a little sunshine!). The UAE holds all kinds of opportunities. You can get a high-quality education not just academically, but in life. A new language and culture will await you, and it’s up to you to rise to the challenge and adapt to them. Then, when you return, employers and the world around you will see what you’re made of.

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