Menswear Tips for Looking Great at Work

Do you look good, feel confident, and feel ready for the day in the clothes you put on in the morning? Take a look in the mirror–do you like what you see? This small act of dressing every morning is essential to a more positive, less stressful busy day. Take pride in what you’re wearing because what you’re wearing makes a statement about who you are. What you’re wearing creates an impression on people, and this impression could lead to far more workplace success.

Confidence in Yourself Can Lead to More Success At Work

A man’s garment choices reflect his confidence in the workplace, and the world at large. In order to make the best fashion choices, and appear ready for your workday, you’ll need to be inspired by what’s currently in style. What are the top fashion designers are saying is in-style for 2015?

Tailored/Fitted Men’s Pants

Tailored is in – whether you’re on the East or West Coast. The long-version of dress pants should “break,” which means end at the bottom of the pants, and the top of the shoe should be visible in the front. The pants hem should barely graze the middle of the laces.

Cuffed pants are a bit classier, and a lot more professional, than a pair without a cuff. Both pants are acceptable for an upscale work place, but it’s best to not wear cuffed pants in business casual settings. This is due to the leg crease, which is perfectly aligned with the center of the shoe; that’s a look which is far too traditional for business casual settings.

It’s important to remember that when sitting, the leg of your pants should not rise enough to show the calf. Tall men will experience this problem more often than short men. Pant waists should fit comfortably at your natural waist, not below. They should allow 1 inch of leeway, so you can sit comfortably for longer periods of time.

Preppy Shirts and Tips for Looking Good

The most important factor is to exude confidence (when you’re dressing for business). Don’t be afraid to wear your clothing. Walk tall, with your shoulders and back straight. Do not slump. Look forward; not down or up, and walk at a normal pace.

Collared shirts, button-ups and other preppy clothes for men are definitely in vogue right now. Polo shirts are great for casual Fridays, and patterned button-downs make a sophisticated statement. Some stores cater to preppy dressers, such as Johnnie-O. Others do not cater to preppy business wear (think Hot Topic, Affliction-wear, etc.). Those non-prep establishments should be avoided when you’re shopping for business attire.

One of the most irritating problems is a shirt becoming un-tucked. If you have a long waist, purchase long-tailed shirts. This will help ensure it doesn’t become un-tucked. You may want to consult a tailor or seamstress, who will sew into the pants’ waist-band a rubber grip-tape, which works very well to keep shirts tucked in.

Getting Ready for Work

Stand in front of a full-length mirror and ask yourself, does my tie truly match? Is this meeting too casual to even wear a tie? White shirt or colored shirt? Do I stand out enough, or do I not stand out enough? Shopping doesn’t have to be difficult. If you don’t like what you see, employ more of these strategies, and hit the pavement (or the virtual pavement if you online shop), and keep it fun and light.


  1. Thanks for these tips! What are your thoughts on when to tucking in your shirt vs. not tucking in your shirt when you’re wearing jeans?

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