Manly Pleasures That Everybody Should Try (Even Non-Men)

Everybody can think of a few hobbies and pastimes that are stereotypically dudely. The thing is, people of all shapes, sizes, and gender identities can enjoy good things. Just because a thing has become “branded” as a boys-only activity doesn’t mean that it should be that way. One of life’s most exciting accomplishments is crossing personal boundaries, trying things that we never thought we’d try. If you’re a guy who likes this kind of stuff, why not think about extending these experiencing to your non-male friends and family. You might get some funny looks at first, but before too long you might be sharing a new passion with an important woman in your life.

Excellent Smoke. If Mad Men reminded us of nothing else, it’s that men used to smoke all the time. Some still do. And while we now know that constant smoking is really bad for you, people are starting to relearn the pleasures of smart smoking. Cigars, pipes, excellent cigarettes – people love this stuff, and you probably do too. If there’s someone in your life who has not yet found it within him- or herself to partake in this manly activity, why not share the love? A gift or gift certificate of some Acid Cigars might be just the thing, the perfect way to share your passion for all things smoky.

Excellent Drink. Most people like drinking, but not everybody has experience with awesome booze. If you know your way around a whiskey glass, maybe it’s time to share your knowledge with the people you care about most. Everybody loves a good vice, but doing vices well isn’t something that everybody seems able to master. Good drinking is a good time, and a valuable gift to pass on to people you care about. Give the manly gift of fine booze, and your friends who haven’t tried it out before might really love the gesture.

Outdoorsiness. Ever since Atilla the Hun (and probably way before), men have made a big deal about going outside, killing things, conquering all they see, and soaking up the vibe of the great outdoors. If you love the outdoors and you know how rewarding a time it can be, why not facilitate an experience for the people you love. Don’t make it a sausage fest. Focus on the aspects of nature that everyone can enjoy, if they just have a trip organized at their skill and interest level. Bring some tasty eats, hike out to some exquisite sights, and spend time under the sun, the stars, and the topiary.

Sometimes enjoyment is diminished when it’s limited to a certain demographic of people. Do your part to change this reality by opening up your manly experiences to everyone in your social group: your parents, your wife, your girlfriend, your many lady friends, your kids, total strangers, whoever. You may learn that these activities weren’t really “meant” for men after all. People are people, and many of them enjoy the same sort of stuff. Be egalitarian and watch your people enjoy things you never thought possible.

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