Life in a Big City: The Pros and Cons of Going Urban

They speak of life in the fast lane. But they can only be speaking of lanes in a small town, or perhaps freeways well outside the city limits. That is because there are no fast lanes in big cities.

In Seattle, bus drivers can be seen reading newspapers during rush hour traffic. In a big city, rush hour traffic in a fast lane is a double misnomer

If all you know is small town living, moving to a big city is a jolt of culture shock for which you are not, and cannot be prepared. You are going to need an adjustment period. And not all of those adjustments are good. Here are just a few of the pros and cons of going urban in Metropolis:

Vice City

True talk: you can find drugs and alcohol in every town and village in the world. Size simply doesn’t matter. But when it comes to the more exotic stuff, it is much easier to come by in a bigger city than a smaller one.

That is not offered as either a pro nor con. It is just a fact. Because it is easier to get the hard stuff, the likelihood of addiction is much higher if you happen to be prone to experimentation on the fringes.

In Georgia, you may not see much detox small town center. But you will find detox atlanta centers. While there is a greater availability of hard drugs, there is also a greater availability of rehabilitation centers. So before you make your move to a city that never sleeps, be certain you have a tight grip on your more dangerous passions.

Worker’s Paradise

It is a frightening prospect to be out of work in a small town. There simply aren’t that many places to look. You’ve tried the fast food, the gas station, the bank, and the school. Nothing. You are out of luck.

In a big city there is always turnover. Someone is always hiring. Some cities are better to job-hunt in than others. And while there are more people looking for work in a big city, there is a lot more work to go around. In the grand scheme of things, job hunting is better in big cities where there is simply more work to be done.

The Wisdom of Crowds

Are you the kind of person who likes following the crowd? You may have received some mixed messages about that when you were a child. You were probably told not to wander off by yourself, but to stay with the group. On the other hand, you were asked if you would jump off a cliff just because everyone else did it.

Big cities have crowds of people. That can be a pro or a con depending on whether or not you consider that a bad thing. In crowds, you have to be more aware of thieves. Crowds are great places for dangerous people to hide.

On the other hand, crowds provide diversity in ways that small towns cannot accomplish. Diversity is a good thing unless you are diversiphobic. You will see all kinds of people who you may never come into contact with in a small town. Expanding your horizons can be scary. But amid the crowds of a big city, it is likely going to happen.

Never a Dull Moment

You are going to find something to do in a big city. You are going to find the church you like, the best microbrew you have ever had, that play you always wanted to see, and that concert from your favorite band that never quite makes it to your small town.

All that there is to do is largely why you moved to a big city. Sure, you are going to be in a cramped apartment that is too expensive. But you are not there for the apartment. You are there for the city. No car is necessary in a place where public transportation is plentiful.

Vice, crowds, jobs, entertainment: It is all great. And it is all terrible. At the end of the day it’s what you make of it. And isn’t that the case wherever you happen to be?

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