James Bond writer collaborating with Land Rover in “The Vanishing Game”

Land Rover and writer William Boyd are two separate institutions, both known for their appeals to adventure and individualism. Now, the novelist and James Bond writer, Boyd, is having his next work brought about by Land Rover. Watch the trailer for Boyd’s new work, featuring a classic Rover, in all its trailblazing, indestructible glory. 

Born in Ghana, West Africa, Boyd now resides in the United Kingdom, and is one of Britain’s most recognized literary talents. His adventure tales set in Africa got him his start, and his subsequent career has been festooned with many accolades. When he was finally selected to revive the novelized tradition of classic Brit spy James Bond, the pairing seemed a natural choice. Somewhat comically, Boyd has used Bond’s creator, Ian Fleming, as a character in previous works. Perhaps the connection earned him the Bond job.

Land Rover seems the best vehicle for these sorts of characters. Ian Fleming himself was every bit the adventurer that he created in his 007 series. A naval officer and secret serviceman, Fleming was no stranger to intrigue and espionage, nor the use of a reliable vehicle to help conquer the world. Land Rover stands as a beacon to spies and armchair explorers alike, making the furthest distances well within your reach. Enjoy the book; enjoy the vehicle. Land Rover is an institution that has stood the test of time. Like the vehicle pictured in the trailer for the novel, Land Rover is a testament to lasting ruggedness.

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