Items Not Worth Buying at the Dollar Store

While there are definitely items that make sense to purchase at the dollar store so you can free up extra money to get more cpxx , there are also those that you are throwing your money away, even if they are a dollar.  Party decorations, cards, gift bags and wrap, as well as balloons are items that you should shop at the dollar store for, as they are good enough for what you need them for and any more than a dollar would be a waste.  Dollar stores still are not bad after all, but just avoid a few items.


While these batteries may be decent enough for your cable box remote, but I wouldn’t expect these to power much more than that before you are burning through a whole pack, let alone the battery leaking and destroying your product.  I hate to bring up Amazon in this case, but you can order a large pack for around $10, way cheaper than buying other brand names at retail stores, and better quality than cheap dollar store batteries.  In this case buy in large quantities and you’ll never have to hunt around for batteries ever again.

Canned Food

You might think that just because the product is in the dollar store marked for a dollar that it is automatically a good deal, but if you take canned goods for instance, you can get the same item say at Kroger, with the store brand for likely less than a dollar.  Since supermarkets typically put canned goods on sale, you can get a much better deal there, not to mention it will be a known brand, whereas in the dollar store who knows where they are getting their food brands from and may have even more unhealthy ingredients.

Hair and Skin Products

I may be mentioning this again in the next paragraph down, but you get what you pay for.  When it comes to products that you are going to touch your skin then you at least want to make sure they are somewhat quality, even if it costs a bit more.  At the dollar store you can find cheap shampoo, lotions, soaps, but could be filled with plenty of extra chemicals that could give yourself a rash and be itching for days until you switch back to your normal brands.  Although these items are cheap, it’s probably best you skip.

Toys and Electronics

Now while you get what you pay for with items that touch your skin, the same goes for electronics and toys that you can get at the dollar store.  Now while I may be asking first why you would buy any sort of electronics there, but if you are thinking of buying a power cord just beware that I’m not aware of any regulations so it could be possible that it could be faulty.  I would think that would mean they could have a lawsuit on their hands if something went wrong so the product is probably ok, but just think about using a $1 power cord around your family.

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