It Might be Worth the Extra Money…

While you could get your csl plama card to earn extra money to support your spending habits, there is a line between necessary and unnecessary purchases, not to mention what keeps your sanity without saving every penny and missing out on life experiences.  If you take a look at last month’s debit or credit card purchases you can see which purchases a must, what were probably could have been avoided, while adding up to what probably could be hundreds still in your account at the end of the month.  While it’s not wise to spend every dollar, you have when there’s need to build an emergency fund, payoff debt, and save for retirement, but sometimes spending the extra money can be worth it for some items.

Painting Supplies

If you have lived in your home long enough where you start to go through each room, you may start to learn the shortcuts when it comes to completing the paint job.  While sure, you can pick up a gallon of paint for around $20 from the hardware store, you may find yourself spending more time than needed adding two coats of paint when you spend top dollar on the best paint available and only have to use one.  I learned that the hard way when I was painting the ceiling with a mid-priced gallon, only finding myself continuing to buy more to complete the job and I told myself I would never go back to buying nothing short of the best paint there is.

Clothes that Will Last

It sorts of amazes me seeing stores in the mall close by the dozens a year it seems, as the days of shopping in-person are fading quickly in favor of shopping online where you can’t try on until it’s already been shipped, only to be destroyed after a couple washes.  If you are looking for quality clothes that will last in your closet, invest in premium outfits.

A Quality Mattress

The saying of you get what you pay for really holds true when it comes to buying a mattress.  While it may seem difficult to shell out the extra money for a high-end mattress, think about the amount of time you actually spend on it and it may help you second guess yourself if you think about a lifetime of back problems and restless sleep just to try and save a few bucks.  If you’re supposed to be spending a third of the day sleeping, why wouldn’t a mattress be a top priority purchase?

Life Experiences

Sure, it’s important to give yourself a financial cushion, stay out of debt, and maximize your retirement savings, but at what cost?  While it’s important to have saving be a priority, you want to keep your mental sanity as well by making sure you’re not missing out on life experiences while you are still young enough to enjoy them.  It’s important to make sure you have adequate income for when you do retire to enjoy life, but some things are best left for when you’re young.

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