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How to Be a Better Man

How to Be a Better Man

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There are, no doubt, a lot of different things a man can do to better himself. Even men who are already “good”, and lead their lives both in an ethical and moral way, can always improve themselves. Today’s blog will take a look at some of the myriad ways a man can improve himself and lead a better life. Enjoy.


1) Practice kindness and courtesy

In today’s world courtesy seems to have gone the way of the dodo bird. It used to be that man held doors open for women and senior citizens, said “hello” and smiled at strangers on the street and also said “thank you” for any little thing that someone might do for them, such as the grocery clerk at their local store handing them their receipt. Being a better man is as easy as using kindness and common courtesy every day in every situation. A smile and a “thank you” can really go a long way, and make any man a better man.


2) Being an attentive father

The rate of divorce in the United States is over a 50% and, due to this unfortunate fact, many men don’t see their children on a daily basis. Even those that do see their children every day have a tendency to ignore them unless they are put upon by their wives or significant others to pay attention. If you want to be a better man you need to make sure that you spend time with your children as often as possible. That doesn’t mean going to the store and buying them a gift, but instead something as simple as getting down on the floor and playing, throwing a football or frisbee out in the yard, or reading them a book at night before bed. Not only will these things make you a better father but it will also create lasting memories and fondness that will come back to repay you many times over in the future.


3) Volunteering

There are a few things that make a man better than giving away his valuable time for free on a regular basis. Indeed, volunteering is the hallmark of a good man and is good for society as a whole as well. There are so many ways today to volunteer, including at local high schools, soup kitchens and charity events, that finding one should not be difficult at all. The effect that volunteering can have, and the character building that it creates, are both very positive and should not be ignored.


4) Protect and support your family, friends and neighbors

One last, but very important, thing that any man can do to become a better man is simply to think about others ahead of himself on occasion. In today’s world it’s quite easy to become self absorbed and adopt a “look out for number one” mentality. The best men are those who also put time and effort into taking care of their family, supporting their friends and looking out for their neighbors.

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