How to Be a Better Leader

For men (and women also, but this blog is focusing on men) becoming a better leader entails performing a wide range of activities and having a number of habits that, over time, accumulate and make one’s leadership skills better.

The list below is by all means not all-encompassing but will definitely put any man on the right track to becoming a better leader in any endeavor that he might be involved in. Enjoy.

1) Being an excellent Listener

One of the traits of an excellent leader is someone who has learned the fine art listening. While for some this may seem trivial, the fact is that any man who can intently focus on listening to what people are saying, and walk away with in-depth knowledge of what they want, what they need and, most importantly, what they are truly saying, is on his way to becoming a truly top-notch leader.

2) Set a good Example

Throughout history of all great leaders have led by example. In today’s modern world there are many ways for a man to do exactly that in both his public and private life. As a father a man can show his children how to be kind, courteous and respectful of other people and their belongings, beliefs and ideas. In business the same can be done, taking the high road in all choices and decisions and letting your incorruptible ethics and morals be an example to others around you.

3) Never ask anyone to do something that you wouldn’t be willing to do yourself

This is the hallmark of an excellent leader, someone who would never ask and employee, friend or family member to do something that they wouldn’t do themselves, no matter what that thing might be.

4) Be quick to defend and slow to anger or belittle

A great leader is someone who will always step in and defend someone that is being attacked or abused, whether physically or verbally. They are also able to keep their anger in check, even when it may be called for, and almost never belittle, mock or otherwise verbally abuse to another person.

5) Always stay positive

One final factor that we we’ll touch on in today’s blog is simply that, if you want to become a great leader, positivity is a definite necessity. Excellent leaders always stay positive, even in the face of extreme negativity, poor odds and even seemingly hopeless situations. The best leaders are a beacon of hope that others can look up to, knowing that, despite the circumstances, they’ll be ready and always willing to fight the good fight.

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