How to Avoid Struggling to Save Money

If you’re feeling like living paycheck to paycheck is more of a regular occurrence and you are not left with much at the end of the month, let alone saving, you’re not alone.  Now is the time to make changes in your finances.  Saving money should become a way of life, and as you begin to notice the balance start to grow, you can feel a sense of accomplishment not only now, but comfortable in the fact that you can enjoy a nest egg for when you finally are able to walk away from work and into your golden years.

Trim Expenses

There is no better way to be able to save money than it is to reduce what goes out.  By taking a look at your last credit or debit card statement you can get a feel for every dollar that has left your account.  Not only monthly bills, but also what you’re spending on food, gas, even at restaurants and bars.  By making some necessary, and probably difficult cuts, you can start to reduce monthly expenses and watch the savings add up.  Ditching the gym membership, cutting the cable cord, and avoiding going out to eat are great ways to start.

Start Saving Now

You can continue to put off saving as much as you want, but you’re not building up a fund for emergencies, and you sure are not growing a retirement fund that you can live off down the road, even if it it decades away, now is as good of time as ever to begin contributions.  You can even look at work to make sure you’re maximizing your contributions to ensure you get every dollar that your company will match. Missing out would cost you thousands per year, and tens of thousands until you retire.  Even if it’s a little now and increase each year, every little bit helps.

Get Out of Debt

While sure, it’s easier said than done, but the more you’re able to free up extra money you can really put towards any outstanding debt you may have.  By freeing yourself of this interest that is piling up every month, you can get out of high-interest credit card debt and begin opening up the possibilities down the road when you can have the funds to enjoy life experiences without constantly paying back what you borrow.  While mortgage rates so low, you can continue paying down your balance while you earn higher earnings in a retirement account.

Always Strive to Improve

If you really want to get ahead with your finances it will take work, so that always means striving to improve, whether it’s earning more money with your career or even a side hustle.  Any extra money you earn you can put your hard-earned income towards building an emergency fund, getting out of debt, and saving for retirement at a much faster rate than you are currently, provide you don’t take any extra income and go on a shopping spree.  A good rule of thumb is with every raise you receive, increase retirement contributions.


  1. Great tips! Getting out of debt, especially credit car debt, is very important. Those fees and interests keep on coming and next thing you know you end up owing way more than you initially used.

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