How Cool Can You Be?

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When you think of the definition of cool, you usually think of the icons of your youth. Those people you looked up to on the big screen, on television or on the stage and exuded a calm cool. Whether they were rock stars, actors or presenters, they always managed to say the right thing, look fantastic and remain un-phased by any eventuality.

In contrast, you may look at yourself and wonder why you can’t be as cool as them.Cary Grant Shaving

For instance, take a look at Cary Grant in North By Northwest. Even when using a lady’s travel razor in front of a room of fellow shavers he has the style and wit to carry it with cool.

By comparison, most of us can’t shave without catching ourselves, muttering a few curses and having to sort out cuts – even when using the best equipment. Mens grooming consists of many things and you need to know the tricks of the trade to look you best. That means investing in the right tools and taking time to learn the proper techniques. Failure to do so will result in shoddy results which do little for your appearance or your street cred.

In many ways it’s like trying to convince yourself you can dance without any training or research. If you look at the recent video for Radiohead’s new single and see Thom Yorke dancing in his angular, jerky style, still looking cool, you might think this is something you too can achieve.

Don’t be fooled though. No matter how talented your ‘skills’, bad dancing is something no one likes to see. For those who have entered parenthood, you might as well hang your dancing shoes up for good. Dad dancing is rarely encouraged and the most you’ll be allowed to performed is a slow but rhythmic shuffle from side to side.

Style and appearance is half the battle to becoming cool but you need to match your trim appearance with a laid back and approachable attitude to really embody this image. Remember not to compromise your morals while doing so though, it is important that your identity is one which sits comfortable with your personality. After all, being cool is really just about being yourself.

This is a guest post provided by Samuel Cavanagh. A father of two boys, he knows the difficulties of trying to maintain your cool whilst raising a family. He offers regular advice on how to maintain your street-cred by looking your best and avoiding parental embarrassments. 

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