Home or Away? — The Benefits of Working in Dubai

Dubai is exploding with opportunity. Many in different industries have heard that phrase, but there’s very little detail available on what’s actually involved. And those who have actually worked in the Middle Eastern country are still few and far between in many industries. That said, the opportunity is real, and for those who are enterprising, very lucrative income with significant benefits can be had as well.

Not surprisingly, Dubai’s primary source of revenue is oil production. However, this Emirate’s government is keen to use the funds derived from the oil to shape Dubai as a global financial hub and international city in the Middle East as much as possible. This in turn creates a large number of career opportunities for those interested (and willing!) to work in international arenas.

If you’re looking to work in Dubai, firms and companies out there want you for a variety of reasons. Why should you go and gift them with your skills? Read on:

  • The tax-free earnings, which can be a significant pay bump when taxes at home can range from 20 to 40 percent of earnings.
  • The perfect location to learn and build global networking contacts. There are so many international people working in the same location for different companies.
  • The chance to work in another part of the world, and culture that is entirely modern, with first world amenities, yet also a new cultural adventure for anyone who likes to travel (that’s a good few, then!).
  • The vacation benefits with covered travel costs and extensive time off from many companies based in Dubai.
  • The major feather in your career cap — i.e. your career history and resume — especially if you’re looking to make a career out of working in different global locations and markets.

Then there’s the social scene in Dubai. Global adventures will definitely appreciate this. Once the day is over, night time begins and the Emirate gets its extraordinary level of entertainment underway. Nightlife in Dubai kicks off with the amazing line-up of bands and music entertainers that visit the Emirate on a regular basis, including some of the biggest names in the headlines. When the show is over but the night is young, the wide array of night clubs, DJ dance halls, and special even parties every week and month can take over.

Finally, at the end of the night, Dubai has its own share of food venues and diners for feeding the hunger of the Dubai nightlife before its time to retire. The town literally redefines the life of the young working adult on an international level. Once experienced, many return again and again with new assignments and visits.

Of course, if none of that’s for you, there’s the natural beauty of the land. If you want to be somewhere warm and near the coast, you’ll want to be in Dubai. The Emirate literally borders with the ocean and there are some beautiful beaches. This is, naturally, a major attraction for water lovers. Ultimately, you can work in a new location, but still be away from it all. How does that sound!

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