What Does Your Handwriting Say About You? [Infographic]

What does your handwriting say about you? It’s the study of graphology, and it’s fascinating.

Handwriting can tell over 5,000 traits about you, and this infographic will just start to scratch the surface.

Years ago, when I was 21, I heard about handwriting analysis for the first time. A work acquaintance took a class at Duke to study it just for kicks. What she told me was fascinating–that anyone who leaves open the bottom of their cursive “O’s” is a serial killer. That a HUGE follow-through under a “G” or “Y” can mean that you are good at following through, and that you have a big sex drive.

Within graphology’s handwriting analysis you can find out things about a person’s happiness in the moment or their stress at the time of writing. Through things like the slant of the writing or the pressure of the pen or pencil. It’s even possible to observe if a writer is possibly being deceptive about something. Can a person mask this? Possibly. If they know enough of graphology.

Although it would be tough to admit a handwriting analysis into court, it is still insightful for investigators, and every day people like you and me.

Did you know that if a person writes a word and then a line through it they hate that thing? If they sign their name and finish it with a line all the way through their name, they may even have suicidal tendencies?

Check out this graphology infographic for yourself, and find out what your handwriting says about you.

What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

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