Guys and their Perspective on Dating

When it comes to the perspective that guys have on dating, the fact is that it changes depending on their age and life experience. For example, if you were to ask a 25-year-old guy about dating, and a 55-year-old guy, you would most likely get extremely different feedback and opinions.

One perspective that, generally speaking, covers all guys is that dating is a challenge. First there’s finding eligible women to go out on dates, or trying to meet women in places like bars, clubs and so forth. The average guy will tell you that getting women to agree to go on a date with them can be rather frustrating (to say the least). Next is the challenge of finding common interests to talk about and things to say without putting their foot in their mouth. 

Let’s face it, the average guy isn’t really a great conversationalist, whereas the average woman (no offense please, ladies) can talk all night and into the next day. Trying to keep up is, for most guys, seriously strenuous and even stressful. Most guys just want to cut to the chase, and to the bedroom, which makes sitting through all of that conversation difficult and tedious.

Yes, there are some guys who have mastered the art of conversation and some guys who find it extremely easy to meet at date women, but they are few and far between. Even extremely successful guys will admit that, when it comes to women and dating, they find the complexities of dating quite perplexing.  

Many guys tend to over-think the entire dating scene, which can cause its own problems. The simple truth is that most women have exactly the same problem that men do when it comes to dating, i.e. nervousness, shyness and and inability to find eligible guys for dates. If the average guy kept this in mind, his mind would be a lot less stressed.

The big ‘problem’ with dating, to be perfectly frank, is one that’s been around since time immemorial; while most women want to get to know a guy and know what he’s like first, most guys would like to get through the formalities as quickly as possible so that they can reach their ultimate goal; sex.

Dating just happens to be one of those formalities and, although it can be fun, interesting and exciting, unless the guy is looking for a long-term relationship it’s still just a formality.

That might sound cold and there certainly will be people who read this blog and disagree, some vehemently, but the fact is that men are just wired that way. For the average guy, whether 25, 65 or any age in between, dating is simply the means to an end.

If we could have sex without it, for most guys dating wouldn’t even be a ‘thing’.

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