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One of the classiest pro fighters you can find is George St. Pierre – GSP for short. He’s an expert at multiple combat forms: jiu jitsu, wrestling, karate, muay thai. He’s spent years perfecting his craft. He truly is a martial “artist.” George St. Pierre is more than a fighter-he’s a wise man. Check out some profound insight with these GSP quotes.



“The quieter you become the more you can hear.”

Maybe I’m inclined to introversion, but this GSP quote really resonates with me. If we want to grow in our understanding of others–which gives a fighter an advantage, an edge–then we must quiet down to receive clarity.



“A guy that has more knowledge has the advantage.”

If you want to take the edge into any area of life, then you’ve got to go get more knowledge. Growing smarter doesn’t happen on accident, but on purpose.


About how he feels going into the title fight: “I’m very nervous and I’m not afraid to talk about it. The thing about being nervous is that it keeps me charged, focused and makes me perform better.”

I love this GSP quote because of his humility in admitting he’s nervous. And he doesn’t discount it as a negative thing, but something that keeps him on point.


“It’s not the most powerful animal that survives. It’s the most efficient.”

A lot of times the loudest person, the big guy, someone who has money and an entourage gets the attention and praise. But it’s really the most efficient person that’s going to make the biggest impact in this life. I like to imagine the Tortiose and the Hare.


GSP Quotes

Quoting Georges St. Pierre is an interesting thing. He’s one of UFC’s most popular Mixed Martial Arts fighters. But I actually have found him to be a bit boring the last few years. His fights have been less entertaining. He is known to play it safe. But there’s something to learn from him about life in that. He’s efficient, not wasteful. He only takes the most calculated risks. And as we can tell from these GSP quotes, he feeds on knowledge like a starving animal.

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  1. So, does it make me less of a man to say I am not a MMA fan?! 😉 Seriously though, LOVE the first quote! It’s so opposite of what our culture preaches, yet very true.

    • No way man! I once actually was much more into MMA. I think guys like Diaz, who GSP is going to fight this weekend, give MMA such a bad name. If people got to know the few guys like I’m quoting in this article, it would probably be even bigger of a sport.

  2. I recently had a chat with a buddy about GSP in regards to his character and honor. I feel while MMA has proven to be the most efficient way to fight I feel that it has competely disregarded the “art” and “honor” that should be instilled in martial arts. I remember as a child you were always taught to never use what you learn for fun or to hurt people. It was almost as if it was a privelege to learn and train under some masters. But with MMA, it seems like guys just want to pound their chest and show you how “bad a$!” they can be.

    • I think that is the problem with some MMA schools. You aren’t perfecting one particular martial form, but taking the most important piece of each as it’s important to the MMA “sport.” With that, I don’t think you get instilled in you the same honor and respect for each of those martial forms.

      Whereas with a guy like GSP, he is paying separate coaches to teach him how to be the best at those particular fields. He has jiu jitsu coaches that are incredible at their craft. He has boxing coaches help him protecting just his striking. Then he has another coach that brings it altogether.

      Having said all that, I’m not surprised that Georges St. Pierre is also a class act.

  3. Such a great post. Very true about silence; thanks for stressing the importance of listening.

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