FreeTaxUSA Review | Time to Get Your Tax Return!
For 12 months out of the year we dread paying taxes and then we dread having to file taxes. What’s our glimmer of hope? Maybe getting a decent tax return?! Isn’t it a bummer to have to pay a fee to file those taxes before you can get a return? Well, with FreeTaxUSA if your income is below $57,000 (see other requirement details below) then you can file your Federal Taxes for free and State Taxes for $9.99. That even beats Turbo Tax Free Edition and H&R Block.

FreeTaxUSA is tax software you can use to prepare and e-file your return. It’s one of the original members of the IRS’ Free File Alliance. If you have your W2(s), 1099(s) and any other needed paperwork and you’re ready to get a return than consider using FreeTaxUSA.

“With FreeTaxUSA, you can file your federal and state taxes in as little as 30 minutes! The website helps you by skipping sections that don’t apply to your tax return…”

Time to collect your “bonus”!


  • Best price available for Federal and State filing (TurboTax’s free edition is $27.95 to file state taxes)
  • It has interview style questions that anyone can answer
  • As you’re filling out each question there is a counter at the top that shows how much return you’ll be receiving, or having to pay back if you owe.
  • FreeTaxUSA guarantees 100% accuracy with it’s free built-in error checking. FreeTaxUSA will cover any penalties or interest you incur due to an error in their software.
  • Your information from one tax return rolls over each year. You won’t need to enter the same info every year.
  • Free customer support 24/7 (Their representatives all work and live in the United States)

  • Direct deposit
  • All States Supported
  • Import tax data from software
  • E-file (IRS loves this and you’ll get your return faster)
  • Try before you buy
  • A+ rating with BBB




  • Your AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) for single and married must be below $57,000
  • For state returns you must have lived in that state the full calendar year. You can’t use FreeTaxUSA if you were a non-resident for part of the year or moved to that state during the year you’re filing for. But you can still use it free for filing your Federal Taxes.
  • There’s no professional tax consultant on hand
  • No special offline version
  • The following forms are not supported. But if your AGI is below $57,000 than you most likely won’t be using these forms anyways.
    • Form 2555 (Foreign Wage Income)
    • Schedule H (Household Employment Tax)
    • Form 4835 (Farm Rental)
    • Form 6252 (Installment Sales)
    • Form 8615 (Tax for Children with Income over $1,900)
    • Form 8801 (Prior Year Minimum Tax Credit)
    • Form 8885 (Health Coverage Tax Credit)
    • Form 8853 (Archer MSAs)

Need more support? They have a Deluxe Edition for $5.95

Comes with Audit Assist if by “chance” you get audited by the IRS and you need some professional tax help. FreeTaxUSA will write the response to the IRS for you and help gather the required documents. If you lose and end up owing the IRS FreeTaxUSA will help you understand why you lost and what settling options you have.

The IRS tax filing deadline for 2013 is April 15th. It’s a Monday so don’t get confused and think you have through the week.

Start with FreeTaxUSA to see what $$$’s are coming your way!

Editor’s Note: John is not a CPA or tax professional. He writes from his personal experience filing taxes, through reading, studying and managing his own finances. All of our tax filing situations are different and this is just a basic introduction for your own personal knowledge.

Disclaimer: FreeTaxUSA is a Fearless Men affiliate.


  1. Good review John! I’ve never used this program, but always used H & R Block’s and it worked out great. We actually hired a CPA last year and it has worked out great so far.

  2. I used them and then just paper filed my state return by copying the numbers off of their website. Why should it cost me $6 to file when a stamp costs less than $.50?

    • Edward, you’re a smart man! I didn’t even think of that idea. I’m definitely throwing it into the article later. Thanks!

  3. I like these other programs that are competing with the big boys. Unfortunately, I am out of their AGI and I own a business, so I use Turbotax. Next year I think I am going to have to use a CPA because each year gets more difficult.

    • Billy King says

      The $57,000 AGI is only on the IRS free file offer. If you go directly to there are no AGI limits (or any limits for that matter).

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