I Found a Better Deal Than Dollar Shave Club – at Dorco

A few months ago, during the beardy times of Movember, I wrote a review of the Dollar Shave Club. DSC is a pretty cool monthly razor service that offers a killer deal. A killer discount when compared to paying $30 bucks for a pack of Mach 3 razor blades.

I’d heard that Dollar Shave Club doesn’t make their own razors but buys them from a South Korean company. No big deal to me. We’re all used to middle men and distributors marking up prices.

But catch this—I found that South Korean company to buy razors at about 1/3 of the price of Dollar Shave Club. Which is awesome, because I already think the Dollar Shave Club has great prices.

Right now I’m down to my very last razor blade. I’ve been to Target twice and was allergic each time I looked at razor prices, so I was interested in finally taking the Dollar Shave Club dive. But then…I discovered them: DORCO.

How Dorco Is Going to Save You Shaving Dollars

Dollar Shave Club’s CEO actually states that they do use some of Dorco’s razors. After only a small amount of research, I did find them. As well as nifty “rip-off” site that Dorco has made. Which is hilarious, considering that Dorco makes 2 of the 3 razors that DSC sells.

Here’s a page from their “rip-off” site. Don’t forget, “A sucker is born every hour!”

 Level 3 Dollar Shave Club Razor at Dorco:

The Exec

“The Executive” aka SXA5000

Why anyone would need a razor with six blades is beyond me, but if that’s your deal here’s a coupon page with a 15% discount in addition to Dorco’s already killer prices.

This razor is $9 monthly at DSC, and you get 4 blades monthly. At Dorco you get the same razors at about 1/3 of that pretty awesome price.



Level 2 Dollar Shave Club Razor at Dorco:

The 4X“The Lover’s Blade” aka FRA1000

DSC bills this blade for Lover’s because your girlfriend will want to use it. Which is totally valid because shaving your legs or face following the same laws of physics–scraping knives at a flat angle across your flesh.

This lovely beast is a 4 blade sensation. Again, not sure why they are trying to outdue the Mach 3’s triple blade action but I don’t care. I’m ordering this tonight and giving it a shot.

These blades are $6 monthly at DSC, and again at Dorco you can get them for about 1/3 of the price if you buy a bit in bulk.

I do not know where Dollar Shave Club buys their Level 1 blades–but Dorco has plenty of twin-bladed options on their site. Check it out and save some cash!

Note: This is not an affiliate offer page. I’m not making any money off the links in this article.


  1. I think Dorco was/is Dollar Shave Club’s supplier

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