Fearless Men’s Weekly Round-Up | September 27, 2012


In the last 5 months since Todd and I launched Fearless Men we have received a lot of generous support from other bloggers. Jon @ Free Money Wisdom (article below) got us started. Without his friendship and advice we never would have gotten off the ground like we did. Another friend here, Josh Carter @Prodigal Design (Pastor and Graphic Designer), helped us with our theme, graphics and actually wrote a few of our first articles himself. Jeremy @ Modest Money since  month 2 or 3, I believe it was, has been a wealth of knowledge and his Blogging series (article below) has also been a help. Many other bloggers encouragement and continual commenting in the months that followed has been huge.

Todd and I are looking forward to conversing with you all and challenging each other with Fearless topics.

Some of you might even be guilty of this and we appreciate it!

The First Rule of Fearless Men is to Tell Another Man About Fearless Men

This week our #1 recommended article for all bloggers is a MUST READ for anyone in their first 6 months of blogging. It’s called How to Make Money With a Blog written by Bob @Christian Personal Finance and it details everything you need to know to start successfully. After going through it we then realized how much Jon really helped us out the first few days. I know I might have even taken it a bit for granted. Both Todd and I highly recommend this for all new bloggers to read and act on.

How to Get Struck by Inspirational Lightning and Write Your Book by Terry @Fix Em Up Rent Em Out

Who knew that Terry is an author of 3 books. 2 already published and 1 coming shortly. I actually just purchased his 2nd book called, “Carve Out Your Niche: How to Live Your Passion, Write Your Book, & Help Others Change Their World”. I’ll write a review once it gets here and I’m done reading it.

The Never Say Die Mentality by Giuliano @You Refined

“I often try to test the limits of my physical and mental capabilities. This in turn, I feel, is the only true way to grow. While this post mainly focuses on improving yourself physically, this can be applied to any area of personal development.”  I wrote an article that touched on Never Giving Up a couple months back that you might also enjoy.

Gripper Training by Jedd Johnson @Diesel Crew

Who would’ve thought Gripper Training could be used for so many different work outs. “One of the great things about Gripper Training is that there is a nearly endless variety of training methods you can do with grippers as long as you get your imagination going a bit.”

10 Lies that Will Keep Your Dreams on the Shelf by Jewel @Treasure Pockets

I enjoy Jewel’s blog because her writings aren’t overbearing yet still deliver an important point for us to ponder. In this series she starts with “Lie #1 – You have to be born with it”. How many of us have been told that we can’t do it? That we lack the talent or brains? I think we all know that isn’t always true. But overcoming this mind game can still be challenging. The fear of failure. It’s encouraging to read others stories and how they didn’t give in to it, cause we all go through it.

The Real Costs of Running a Blog Business by Jeremy @Modest Money

“Not many people think of blogging as a business, but if it’s done correctly it can be one of the most rewarding businesses of all.”

How to Get a Raise When Your Employer Can’t Afford to Give You One by Jon the Saver @Free Money Wisdom

“Many employers are holding back raises for economic survival. Often your performance is good or even superior but budget problems leave no room for pay increases of any kind…If you’re facing this situation, and especially if it’s been happening for several years, you may want to look in other directions to get what we might call a “raise equivalent”. The way to do this is to look beyond money. If your employer can’t afford to give you a raise, ask for one or more of the following…”

Common Banking Fees and How to Avoid Them from Sean @One Smart Dollar

“One of the most frustrating aspects of modern banking is the number of fees you see at every turn. In many cases, it can feel as though the bank is charging you to access your own money…here are the most common ones you’ll come up against, and how you can avoid them” It doesn’t register in my brain how banks are able to get us to pay them to keep our money since it’s our money that keeps them in business. Ha! Anyways, they’ve got us in a bind so the best we can do is be smart about picking the right bank.


We’re always on the lookout for quality articles. Ones that challenge us to reconsider how we drive our lives. Feel free to give us suggestions in the comments below. Even if it’s your own article from your archives.


  1. What an honor to be mentioned in a post like that! I’m glad I could help ya’ll out with the launch of the blog. Fearless Men has a a great future ahead of itself!

  2. Jeremy is a great blogging friend to have and FMF has a wonderful following! I love getting links from his blog!

  3. Thanks for the mention and shout out John. It’s great to see your blog progressing well. It was by chance that I stumbled across it, but I was quite impressed by the approach you and Todd take. Keep up the great work.

  4. Congratulations on your early success and thanks a lot for including me. Have a great weekend.

  5. John,

    Thanks for the mention.

    You guys have your blog off to a great start. I always look forward to visiting and checking out your seemingly never ending fount of fascinating articles.

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