Fearless Men’s Weekly Round-Up | September 6, 2012

Four day work week! Football Season started! Chicago Bears win the Super Bowl! I’m in 5 Fantasy Football Drafts!

And here at Fearless Men we started 2 new series

History’s Fearless Men – Abraham Lincoln
Man Quotes – Fearless Men Quotes | Volume 1

We hope you enjoy these 2 new series and look forward to all of your feedback and suggestions in the comments below. I’ve always enjoyed reading about men from history that overcame impossible odds and had to reach down into their inner core to find strength to persevere and overcome. We plan to run with this series until we run out of characters, and on Tuesday’s will post Manly Quotes for you all to enjoy. And if you really like our content please spread the word.

The first rule of Fearless Men is to tell another man about Fearless Men!
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Now for the Weekly Roll-Up

5 Ways To Show Your Wife You Love her by Payne @Makes Me Wanna Holler

Even though I’m not married this article really resonated with me and I think all men should give it a fair read and try to take something away and hold on to it.

Getting an Oil Change Without Getting Ripped Off by TB @Blue Collar Workman

You know you want to read this one because we’ve all been ripped off at some point.

Why Creativity Blocks Happen (and How to Overcome Them) by Iris Shoor @Life Hacker

Do you have to be born with the gift of creativity or can you learn and master it?

Ideas on how to start your morning strong from Sam over @Marc and Angel Hack Life

“The day may have 24 hours of equivalent length but every hour is not created equal.  Beginning the day with a purpose and a plan increases your chances of success.”

How a Real Man Gets 6 Pack abs by Chad @Be Legendary

There are three kinds of six pack abs….Read on to learn about them. This actually gave me a laugh cause I expected 3 very different answers.

Heading Out on Your Own – Series Wrap Up by Brett and Kate Mckay @Art of Manliness

Every young man should read this series! I’m 31 and still learned some things.

Why College Students Shouldn’t Have Credit Cards by Jon the Saver @Free Money Wisdom

Is it because they’re living on loans and grants? Seems like common sense. Click on to find out.

Promoting Financial Affiliate Programs by Jeremy @Modest Money

Looking to monetize your blog….read this!

Discipline: An Attribute of Millionaires by Peter @Bible Money Matters

These type of articles are some of my favorites. We all want to be richer but rarely are we willing to discipline our lives to achieve it. Peter shares some thoughts on it…

Thanks for reading and if you’d like to be included in our Weekly Round-Up please add us to your blog and contact us. And remember…

The first rule of Fearless Men is to tell another man about Fearless Men!
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  1. Thanks for the mention! I also checked out the 6 pack abs and showing your wife you love her links — great roundup guys!

  2. Thanks for the mention John. I like the idea of both of those new series. I didn’t a chance to check out the Lincoln post yet, but I did check the quotes. If you’re not already, be sure to tweet each of those quotes.

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