Fearless Men’s Weekly Round-Up | August 23, 2012

Welcome to another round of articles that Todd and I have rounded up this past week for Fearless Men. We hope you enjoy them!

To start though I want to talk a bit about Fantasy Football and see who else is into it. I got 4 leagues myself this year, plus 1 baseball league that I’m currently in 1st place. For the past 5 years or so I’ve played only 1 football and 1 baseball league. That was it! But this year I’m ready to venture out and make horrible draft picks again…..sandwiched in between awesome picks full of stars and sleepers. A few years ago some guy drafted Adrian Peterson. Only problem was that he drafted the wrong AP. Ha! We all had a good laugh and he dwelled in the league basement all season. That’s how big of a difference that 1st pick can make sometimes. Any of you got Fantasy Football Drafts starting soon?

So this weeks round up has nothing to do with fantasy sports, maybe next week, but we do cover some good articles in the following topics: Finance, Grow, Train and Fearless.

Why Do We Worry About Money? By Jon the Saver@Free Money Wisdom

Is worrying about money going to bring more in? Probably not. Being financially responsible will though.

When You Don’t Have Any Answers by Ishita @Fear.Less

Conventional wisdom; when to go with it and when to not. Where’s the wisdom to discern that decision. Interesting and honest article from his own experiences of life when he didn’t have the answers but charged on.

Productivity 101: Getting the Ball Rolling by Average Joe @Free Financial Advisor

Vehicle Insurance by Jeremy @ModestMoney

Skipping out on Auto insurance or not getting enough coverage? Good luck! But read this first.

Money Rules @Get Worth

28% Housing Rule

36% Debt Rule

Click here for the other 36%….

The True Cost of Car Ownership by JW @All Things Finance

Read this article even if it’s for the Infographic alone. “Today’s infographic does a great job at listing the costs involved with autos as well as the percentage that each cost takes up. It also lists the types of vehicles that are the most expensive to own as well as the cheapest.”

The Roadrage with a Gun Trial by TB @Blue Collar Workman

Read this for a good laugh! We all love stories of road rage as long as no one gets hurt.

6 Ways to Stay Fit While You Travel @ Savvy Scot

Staying fit is tough. Period. Even tougher when on the road. Not when you got these 6 tips. Excuse be gone!

The 5 Rules on How to Lose Money and Get Your Rental Property Trashed by Tenants @ Fix em Up Rent em Out by

I bet you didn’t know rules were needed to get this done! And you probably won’t remember them after. But you’ll come away laughing!

Reduce Investment Risk With Dollar Cost Averaging by Sean Bryant @One Smart Dollar

If you don’t know what dollar cost averaging is then this is a must read.

Young Adult Retirement Planning by Corey @20’s Finances

All young adults must read this!

Fee Based vs Commissioned Based Financial Planners by Hank @Money Q&A

Ever think about getting a Financial Planner? Read this article to learn about a few options offered.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. Thanks for including me! That post about how to lose money and get your rental property trashed was pretty good too, another good roundup!

  2. Thanks for the mention John. I don’t do any fantasy sports leagues, but I do try to watch plenty of sports. My buddy has been trying to get me to join his football fantasy league, but I just don’t follow it enough to draft players. Maybe that’s why he wants me to join lol. If it was hockey though, I’d be all over that.

    • It probably is. I should send you one too! haha! I think the draft is the best part. That’s where the majority of the smack talk and competition heats up. If you do one draft you might get hooked.

  3. Thanks a lot for including me. I love fantasy football. Makes each season just that much more fun.

  4. I’ve got to get into a fantasy football league this year. I joined a baseball league for the first time ever and had the world’s busiest summer…so I looked at it a whopping 5 times the whole season. Imagine my surprise: I’m in second place! Skillz…..

    Thanks for including my little productivity piece, gentlemen!

  5. John,

    Thanks for the kind mention of my “5 Rules on How to Lose Money” article.

    While I haven’t played Fantasy Football, I used to play an ancient version of Fantasy Baseball. I, unfortunately, always seem to have had the Yankees during their off years.

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