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valentines dayHappy Valentines Day All!!!  This week we had an Awesome guest post from John @ Frugal Rules. I had been trying to get one from him since December. I was thinking, “Come on dude, be Fearless and spit one out”. Just kiddin! I knew he was busy and was honored that he’d write for us. His article nailed it on the head – If you’re going to start a legacy that lasts you better get your finances in order.

I was driving over to Dunkin Donuts this morning and on the radio they were talking about buying your sweet heart a trip to laser eye surgery for Valentines Day. My first thought was, “Now that’s an odd gift”. And then they offered a coupon code for the discount and then I knew everything was going to be alright this Valentines Day. Nothing odd about it. I have nothing against eye surgery. I’ve had it myself. When I was in the Army and stationed in Germany it was near impossible for me to get contacts. So I had to order them online and use 1800contacts coupon codes every 6 months or so. I remember getting over there and thinking it was the oddest thing that I was ordering my contacts online and having them shipped over. It is possible I didn’t put enough effort into purchasing them off-post (on the German economy), but eventually I did sign up for laser eye surgery the Army was offering and 6 months later I was glasses and contact lenses free. One of the best choices I made in my life! 3 of my friends have done it in the last year and they’re happy with it too. So maybe it is a good Valentines Day gift. “Chocolates sweet heart with a side order of laser eye surgery?”

If you’ve waited till the last second to make Valentines Day plans Todd has done all the homework for you so make sure to read his article.Remember to do some Loving Gestures today and make Valentines Day all about her.

Weekly Round-Up | Thank you all for commenting and sharing your articles with the Fearless Men readership.

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  1. Thanks for the mention! I’ve been wanting to get eye surgery for the longest time. I didn’t know you were in the Army, I was in the Army as well. It’s good to have a brother on the blogosphere!

  2. “I had been trying to get one from him since December. I was thinking, “Come on dude, be Fearless and spit one out”. LOL! Sorry man, but glad you liked it. 🙂 What does it say that I have requests going further back than December? 😉 Anyways, thanks for the mention as always and I was honored to post on your site.

    • John, I really did love your article and amazed at how fast you were able to write it. It definitely exceeded my expectations. Thanks again!

  3. Thanks so much for the mention.
    Happy Valentines Day!!

  4. Hmmm…laser eye surgery for Valentine’s Day? I think my wife would kill me with the laser. Thanks for the mention, I really appreciate it.

  5. Thanks for the mention John. Eye surgery for a Vday gift sounds really odd but I guess what ever makes people happy.

    • Yep, that’s because it is odd. I personally would make it a surprise gift. But I guess some couples only get gifts like this on bdays, Christmas or Vday so you have to pick which time to buy this gift.

  6. I want laser eye surgery but my eyes keep getting worse so I have to wait until they are more stable 🙁

  7. John, thanks for including me as always! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and thanks for everything!

  8. thanks for the mention!lasik does sound like an odd gift but if it helps the person feel better, why not!

  9. Hey! I can’t say I’ve been happier to be in a weekly roundup than this one….because I’m just so happy that I got to share these two guys’ amazing 100 mile journey. It was really, really inspiring to watch someone tackle a big fat audacious goal. Thanks for sharing it with everyone.

    • Thanks Joe! I liked the article and all the pictures. When I was in the Army I entered different competitions like that and after reading your article a little bit of me missed the competition and comraderie these events bring.

  10. I’ve actually had several patients who received LASIK as a gift for various occasions. If you are a good candidate, that’s a really great gift. Now if you got a gift of braces or liposuction, maybe not so nice. Thanks for including me.

  11. Thanks for the mention. I wouldn’t mind getting lasik as a gift. Of course, it might loose some of the romance if it was being paid for with the money you put in there yourself. 🙂

    • Haha! That reminds me of Mr. Bean when he takes himself out for his own birthday, writes his own card, places it on the other side of the table, looks around the room and then gets surprised by the card.

  12. John sure gets around. I’ve never seen anyone who guest posts on as many blogs as he does.
    Eye surgery would be a great gift for anyone who wears glasses. It’s something that I’d like to do as soon as my debt is gone.

    • I think he did like 4 guest posts this week. That guys a writer! I might hit you up soon for a guest post. You’re welcome to write one for us too. 🙂

  13. Forgot to say: thanks for the mention as well!

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