Fearless Men’s Weekly Rd-Up | Article on #Manhood and $1K #Giveaway

Today I guest posted over @ Alden Tan writing on Defining Manhood. Check it out and share your thoughts!

For those who missed it – $1000 Cash Giveaway!!! Click here to enter.


The last couple weeks started to get fairly cold…at least by San Diego standards. I don’t have a work winter coat (more proof of how warm it stays here) and was starting to become the iceman while making the 10 minute walk to my parked car. A twice a day walk; low points of the day. I decided to go see (online shopping) what the going rate was for fleece winter coats. Christmas is over so they must be cheap right? Wrong!!! Still over $100. Now maybe that is a good deal and I’m just clueless about the price of clothing. Didn’t matter! Fortunately for me during a promotion of corporate apparel and custom jackets  I had purchased a company jacket last year and it was hanging in my closet. I’ve been wearing it the past few weeks. I feel like I saved $80 since the company jacket was $20. #Frugal

In other Fearless Men News: We reached  1000 Twitter Followers and for the first time had 1500 page-views yesterday. Todd’s article What Women Want from Men was a huge hit. We’re also learning how to use #HashTags and Twitter more effectively. It’s pretty funny considering we’re in our 9th month of blogging.

Weekly Round-Up | Thank you all for commenting and sharing your articles with the Fearless Men readership.

How to Manage Your Time Better by Paul Jolicoeur

What Showing Up on Time Says About You also by Paul Jolicoeur

Confidence Revival by Alden Tan

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Top Personal Finance Blogs of 2012 – Win an iPad Mini by Sean @ One Smart Dollar

Giveaway: Can You Challenge Yourself Not to Spend Money? by John @ Frugal Rules

Is there a Correlation between Race and Intelligence? @ What Is Intelligence?

He Said She Said: A Team of Professionals @ Planting Our Pennies

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Paper Boy? by Edward Antrobus

Real Life Confessions of a Stay at Home Mom by Mandy @ Money Master Mom

Maintaining an Attitude of Gratitude by You Only Do This Once

Lead from the front: the single leadership trait that characterizes a great combat leader by Soren Sjogren

Why You Shouldn’t Stretch Your Shoulders Before Swimming Pt. 2 by Outside Smokers

FreeTaxUSA – Review and Analysis by a Tax Accountant by Jason @ Work Save Live

Learn From Mexican Merchants – Avoid Being A Passive Blogger by Jeremy @ Modest Money

Using Target Date Funds to Simplify Retirement Planning by Jon @ Free Money Wisdom



  1. Thanks for the mention as always John! Awesome news on the page views…that is AWESOME!

  2. Thanks a lot for including me this week.

  3. Thanks John for including me this week. I enjoy this blog and glad it’s available to us as a great resource. Keep up the good content!


  4. Glad to hear you guys are doing so good, thanks for adding me to your weekly roundup.

  5. LOL. You didn’t know how to use #hashtags? I guess you don’t know until you know…and we all have to learn at some point.

    I could be wrong, but even if you don’t use a hashtag I believe it still shows up under a searched term though. Maybe not…

    Anyway, thanks for the linkups! I truly appreciate it and try to stay warm. I’m sure life is really rough for you out there in San Diego. It’s only 15 degrees where I’m at today.

    • haha! Yea! As an IT professional you’d figure I’d know but it wasn’t until watching an episode of The Walking Dead and they’d mention their hashtag that I started to catch on. I’d see them used by others on FB here and there but I never fully understood what the purpose was. I have noticed that some show up under the search but I don’t think it’s all of them.

      It rained a bit today. Almost had to pull out my umbrella….

  6. Thanks for including our post! Have a good one =)

  7. Thanks for the mention! Congrats on the twitter number and huge page views!

  8. Feeling real sorry for your chilly temps. Did I mention it was 12 below here last week? Congrats on the traffic. Thanks for the mention.

  9. Thanks for the mention. I actually own three winter coats, although my favorite one is getting to be rther worse for the wear.

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