Fearless Men’s Weekly Round-Up | December 20th, 2012

Fearless MenHow’s everyone’s Christmas season going so far? We got the tree up, with lights and decorations. It’s beautiful! Gifts are starting to find their places at the base of our tree. Hopefully Fedex delivers the rest this week. Some sad news is that the Packers defeated my Bears to take the NFC North. But we aren’t done yet. See pic below to know where Bear country stands.

On Christmas Day Fearless Men will be featured on the Launch of the Man Up Leadership App!

You might be wondering what this Man Up app is all about. As you already know our goal at Fearless Men is to invigorate and challenge all men to take responsibility of their lives. See our ‘About’ page to learn more. The Christian men behind developing this Man Up App also want to see men accept their responsibilities and hope to provide an anonymous environment for growth and learning together.

“The Man Up app is an environment on your mobile device that will enable you to learn and grow, be challenged, confess and solve problems together with other men while also engaging in adventure – all inside one mobile environment. We believe God made men to lead…We believe its time for men to Man Up and take personal responsibility for their growth!”

Download the APP on Christmas day. To learn more go to manupleadership.com

And now with our Weekly Round-Up. Thank you to all who commented and continue to participate at Fearless Men!

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December 2012 Big Cash Giveaway by Jeremy @ Modest Money

Apple iPad3 Giveaway Contest also by Jeremy @ Modest Money

That’s all for this week folks! Have a Merry Christmas!!!



  1. Hey John, thanks a bunch for the link love and for posting my article, cheers!

  2. Thanks much for the mention as always John. I love the pic of Urlacher by the way, I am hoping to get that movie for Christmas. We’ve definitely had the Brown Santa visiting our house way too much this past week. We’re having family to come visit and they’re shipping all of their gifts to us.

  3. I will say that Peyton Hillis looks like Bane the most but Urlacher is a decent replacement. 🙂

    Everything is done for Christmas on our end. I can’t believe it’s only a few days away. Thankfully here in Kansas City it’s snowing, so we might even have snow for Christmas! Hooray!

  4. Nice summary page John – I managed to miss out on a lot of blogging action this week trying to fix my site, so I’m enjoying reading through these weekly round ups that everyone has 🙂

  5. We got all of our presents bought and wrapped last weekend. When I spoke to my mother Tuesday morning, she hadn’t gotten her gift yet. Hopefully it arrived in the mail that day, because on Wednesday my parents left on a 4 day trip!

    Looks like I’m a big winner in your roundup this week. you didn’t just include my post, but also my guest post on Frugal Rules.

  6. Thanks for the mention, dudes!

  7. Thanks for the mention!!
    Have a great weekend and happy holidays!!

  8. That new app sounds good enough to almost make me want to buy a smart phone.

    My venerable cell phone is still doing the job. When I take the technological leap, I shall sign up.

    I hope you guys have a happy holiday!

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