Fearless Men’s Weekly Round-Up | December 6th, 2012

Fearless MenOn Christmas Day Fearless Men will be featured on the Man Up Leadership App Launch!

You might be wondering what this Man Up app is all about. As you already know our goal at Fearless Men is to invigorate and challenge all men to take responsibility of their lives. See our ‘About’ page to learn more. The Christian men behind developing this Man Up App also want to see men accept their responsibilities and hope to provide an anonymous environment for growth and learning together.

“The Man Up app is an environment on your mobile device that will enable you to learn and grow, be challenged, confess and solve problems together with other men while also engaging in adventure – all inside one mobile environment. We believe God made men to lead…We believe its time for men to Man Up and take personal responsibility for their growth!”

Download the APP on Christmas day. To learn more go to manupleadership.com

And now with our Weekly Round-Up. Thank you to all who commented and continue to participate at Fearless Men!

Why Rebalancing Your Portfolio is Like Buying a Carton of Eggs by John @ Frugal Rules

Overcoming Murphy’s Law – Our Journey out of Debt by Jason @ Work Save Live

Mechanic Interview Reveals How He Started & Runs His Repair Shop by Joel Mackey @ Find Automative Schools

That’s Not Frugal, It’s Theft! by Planting Our Pennies

Simple Budget Template That Works by Money Mail

Strategic Use of Memos to Manage Tenants by Terry @ Fix em Up Rent em Out

How to Save Money on Gas Prices by Edward Antrobus

The Sandman, Hypnosis, and The Village People by Kim @ Eyes on the Dollar

What I read this week – episode #1 by Grown Up and Stuff

The Downside of Mailing Paychecks Home by TB @ Blue Collar Workman

Lifestyle Design: Recreate, Restructure, Redesign Your Life by Justin @ Unplugged Recreated

The 2 Biggest Financial Mistakes You Can Make Gaming Online by Erika @ From Shopping to Savings

Swole Society Apparel — Clothes for the Athletic Man by Oliver Trunkett @ Swole Society





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  1. Thanks so much for the mention! I am really intrigued by the app, I think it’s a great idea.

  2. THanks for mentioning me — you guys are awesome!

    How come the Oliver Trunkett link is crossed out? And the link doesn’t work either. What’s the deal there?

  3. LOVE the idea for the app. That’s so cool…it’s pretty neat that you’re a part of it. Were you simply asked to join or is this something you helped to create?

    Thanks for the mention as always, but the app takes the news today.

    • I was asked to help be a part of it for ideas and testing, etc….A friend is doing the App development but our Pastor came up with the original idea.

  4. Thanks for including our post – and that’s cool about the app! Merry Christmas, indeed!

  5. Thanks for the mention. I will definately be downloading the app on Christmas (or whenever after I remember to).

  6. Thanks for including me in the round up.

  7. Thanks for the mention. Good luck with your launch.

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