Don’t Fall for These Sales Tricks

Sales is not for everyone, certainly not me, as I would not be able remain positive while dealing with customers, so I do commend salespeople for that.  When it comes to being the consumer though, you have to keep an eye out to make sure you are not being taken advantage of, as we are all trying to make as much money as we can, yet trying to spend the least.  Watch for a few tricks that might try and sway you to make a purchase you may not have intended on making.

Last One in Stock

A good way to drive up the demand for the item is to say there are not many of the items left, or even better, the deal ends today.  While it is hard to predict future sales, you know at least that there is not only one day a year that items are on sale, so if you are on the fence about making a purchase, don’t let this extra pressure persuade you.  If you do in fact miss the deal, at least you know how low it could get to, so you can keep an eye out for when prices go down, if it’s not an immediate need.

Over-Friendly Salesperson

There’s a difference between friendly and over-friendly, of which the latter can feel like being fake, something that really bothers me, so keep a look out to see if they are just trying to get you to feel like they are on your side, trying to get the best deal for you.  Not that I’m saying that there are not salespeople out there that love getting deals for customers, they are trying to make money and you are trying to save money, so it sort of is every man for themselves when making a purchase.

Avoid the Personal Questions

The more the salesperson asks you about your personal life, the more they are trying to make you believe they are a “real person” and not trying to get you to open up your wallet, and most likely sign your life away for big purchases like cars, boats, or houses.  While you of course want to keep it friendly, try not to stray too far off topic, so you don’t forget the task at hand, which is getting the best deal possible.

Coming Back Lower

Last but certainly not least, probably where they get you the most, is coming back with a lower price to get you to purchase.   If you have ever tried to negotiate with a car salesperson, tell them the monthly payment is too high, and so they go back and talk to their manager.  It’s always been a long-running joke that you can see through the window that they are pretending to talk, just so they can come back with a number that they already had in mind in the first place.  That way when they come back with a lower number it looks like they’re on your side, and the lower price is more appealing, giving a bottom line offer.

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