Do Women Really Notice?

As a man you might wonder if a woman notices your clean shave, fresh new kicks or fancy watch. Well the answer is yes; yes she does, but not all the time.  When you first start dating someone it’s important to you to look good for your significant other.  Aside from the first impression you made on her weeks ago, you still would never pick her up without having showered first!  If you really liked her you want her to find you attractive, so you always wear cologne, and you never have your shirt and jeans looking messy or wrinkled, and you pay for all the drinks during dates.  Slowly as the relationship progresses (if you’re a good boyfriend) you take her on a mini vacation, buy her a wonderful birthday gift, and introduce her to your parents.  During this major time and events of the first year of dating, you are still usually looking great and taking care of yourself.


As the years go on, you have more cuddle days and nights in because you spend more time together.  Hoodies and track pants are more common than button ups and skinny jeans.  When you do go out, you still dress to impress and your lady definitely notices, as you probably notice how hot she looks too.  This doesn’t mean the spark is gone or that you don’t love her as much, it just means the comfort level between the two of you has grown.
Once you move in together women notice all the good and the bad.  They know when you used the bathroom and also know when you shaved.  They appreciate your attention to detail in your wardrobe and usually notice if a shirt is new, old, dry-cleaned, wrinkles, or sprayed with Febreeze because you forgot to wash it.  She doesn’t notice if you gained 5 lbs., and she doesn’t notice if you lose 5 lbs.  She appreciates when you cook dinner and that you want to take care of her.  She notices that you cut the grass and shovel the snow, all these things make her a good partner for seeing what you do and make you a great partner for taking care of your lady.

Just because she notices and doesn’t say anything doesn’t mean she likes or dislikes it.  It means she is head over heels in love with and for better or worse is a real thing.

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