Creating the Ultimate Custom Man Cave

You’re finally ready to create the ultimate man cave. The sky’s the limit. You can have anything you want.

The problem is, you don’t know what you want. Designing and building your ideal man cave is no fun if you don’t know what you’re going to have in the end. Figure out what you want, how you’ll spend your time there and the changes you need to make to have your man cave dreams come true.

1. Take a good look at the space you’re working with

What is there room for? Will adding a piece you’ve always wanted, like putting a bar in the basement, leave enough room for all of your other ideas? Be realistic when you assess the area you’re working with whether it’s an attic, basement, or garage-based man cave place of refuge. A crowded man cave won’t be very functional.

2. Choose one object to create the rest of the man cave around

What do you really want? The one thing you can’t live without? Is it a pool table, a jukebox or a bar area with custom themed refrigerator wraps around the beer storage and mini-fridge? Start with that one must-have item or area and then create the rest of the room around it.

3. Assume you’ll need 15% more than you think

Your budget is going to run out quickly, and there are bound to be some items you didn’t account for or that cost more than expected. It’s not uncommon for unforeseen costs to be between 10 and 15 percent higher than your planned budget.

4. Pick a theme

This can be a sports team you like, an interest (like horror movies), or just a man cave style you think looks great. Modern man caves are often industrial, with a lot of metal and wood. This also gives you a neutral background that you can build upon as you settle in. Just steer clear of using too much glass – if space is small, the reflections will be overwhelming.

5. Create a game center

What’s your game of choice? Video games, foosball, darts, poker? Whatever it is, it belongs in your man cave. This doesn’t necessarily have to be the center point of the room or the focus of the theme (although it can), but there should be some sort of gathering space where you or you and your pals can unwind and have fun.

6. Keep it cool

Even large man caves can get hot and muggy once you put a lot of people in there. Make sure you have a way to keep the space cool, whether that’s an AC unit, ceiling fans or a door that opens up to the outside for some fresh air. If you’re going to be smoking cigars in your man cave, you’ll want even more ventilation.

7. Hire professionals

Chances are that your man cave is going to need some sort of electrical, HVAC or plumbing work. Don’t try to do this on your own. Instead, hire a licensed professional to handle it for you. Just have an idea of what you need ahead of time. For example, a plumber will need to know where you’re planning to install your bar.

Remember, every guy is different – the perfect man cave for your friend may not be the perfect one for you. Decide the approach you want to take and create a man cave that fits that vision. If you’re not into sports, there’s no reason to have a sports-centric man cave!

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