Competencies That a Global Business Leader Must Have

Leaders of The PackWhen you are a global leader, there are certain behaviors and skills that will place you above other senior executives. In the world economy that is highly dynamic and vibrant, having these skills, as Bob Bratt’s blog could advise, will help business leaders steer their business to success and profitability.

Ability to Visualize Trends and What Impact They May Have On Business

This can be described as the ability to see round corners. The current world has the technology that makes it possible for global businesses to harvest and utilize big data. The data is available to all enterprises that are technologically enabled. What gives a business a competitive edge is the ability of the top executives to evaluate the data, pick out the trends and accurately predict what effect the trends will have?

Taking Risks

With global businesses, the loss to be incurred by failed ventures is usually massive. This makes most global leaders apprehensive of taking risks. However, it is important to know that without innovation and risk taking, a business will be overtaken. The most successful global executives are willing to capitalize on ventures that hold unrealised potential. Perhaps you routinely fly employees to another location via commercial flights and you would be better off using a private jet charter service. Leaders have to be willing to analyze the costs and prepare a plan to justify these costs to the shareholders.

Strategic Perspective

The success of a multinational business is based on the ability of the top executives to devise strategies that ensure that future economic trends will not drown it. A global business leader should have a clear perspective of the enterprise. This helps them develop long-term strategies that will keep the corporation relevant in the market in days to come.


International business is complex. Technology is evolving and transforming how business is done. A global business leader must be well-versed on all aspects of a business, both present and past. Such knowledge is gained through first-hand experience in international business transactions. Suffice to say, without sufficient experience, one would not know various tricks that make international businesses profitable. Consistent learning is another important tool that imparts the necessary knowledge to the executive. Good global business leaders should be passionate and enthusiastic learners.

Customer Understanding

It is impossible to run an international company without insight about the needs, concerns and behavior of the customers. Successful global leaders see themselves as partners with the consumer and work towards helping the client achieve various consumer needs and goals. This can only be possible when the executive has precise understanding of the end user profile and target groups of the company.

Ability to Build Efficient Teams

A good executive knows how to engage productive teams and stir loyalty and commitment. This can motivate the teams to give 100% of their skills to ensure that the company goals are achieved. An esprit de corps is created within the team, which allows the executive to leverage on the capabilities and commitment of the team players to attain various targets.
For a company that is entering the global market, a strong team of executives is necessary to ensure that it succeeds. The leaders of the business are defined by their behavior and characteristics. In addition to the qualities mentioned above, other traits such as acquiring relevant language capabilities and cultural awareness of the target market groups will attract success for the leaders, and consequently, their companies across all borders.

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