Getting Married? How To Nail Your Groom’s Speech!

The following is a guest post by UK speechwriter Lawrence Bernstein. Go here if you’re interested in submitting a Guest Post. Before you prepare you Groom’s Speech, send your best friend over to our Best Man Duties List so you get treated right! Which of these eight minute challenges would you least like to attempt? […]

Go Talk To Her: How To Talk To Any Girl

Confidence. It’s a lost art. Douchbaggery and rampant Alpha Males have ruined many a man’s confidence when he wants to talk to a woman. Have you ever found your self-assurance lacking and asking yourself, “How do I talk to her?” It’s not rocket science. And it shouldn’t be scary. So go talk to her. The […]

“Just Friends”? The Surefire Guide of How To Get Out of the Friend Zone

Have you ever gone out of your way to get a girl’s attention and affection merely to be considered a “friend”? You’ve lost yourself in the Friend Zone. If you want a woman, hanging out in this zone without making any moves is not going to get you anywhere. If you are into someone, don’t […]

Show Your Strength

I got married over a year ago, but the lessons I’ve learned in this short time feel like a lifetime’s worth. From learning to be selfless to learning how to lead, it’s true that marriage is part of the life-changing process in our lives. And I think I’ve learned what it really means to “show […]

What Women Want Men To Know

A few months ago I asked women on Facebook about “what women want men to know.” I got more responses then I could compile and write about, so I condensed them into 5 Thoughts Women Wish Men Knew. If you scroll down to the comments of that page one woman, Alex, had an enormous amount […]

The Most Essential Best Man Duties

We’re still in the middle of prime wedding rush season. You’ve certainly gotten several wedding invitations in the mail. Maybe you’ve even been asked to be the best man. Make sure you know what Best Man Duties you’ll be expected to fulfill. Best Man Duties Before the Wedding Plan the bachelor party. As in, REALLY […]

Where To Go On A First Date [Infographic]

After yesterday’s excellent post by guest blogger Anna on How To Make A Good First Impression: Get The Next Date Right, I was thinking about that “next date.” A big part of making a good first impression is knowing where to go on a first date. While chewing on and searching for this subject, I […]

Making A Good First Impression: How To Get The Next Date Right

The following is a guest post from a fellow San Diegan blogger, Anna. We recently read her thoughts on dating and knew she needed to write something for our readers. Don’t miss out on this woman’s insight on Making A Good First Impression. If interested in submitting your own guest post, please read our guest posting […]

How Much To Spend On An Engagement Ring

There’s too many opinions on how much to spend on an engagement ring. The only opinion that really matters is your lady’s. The problem is, you may feel like a chump for straight up asking her how much you should spend. And you don’t want to ask her friends that question either. I would normally […]

25 First Date Ideas

To find the best first date ideas it takes some homework. It also depends on who you’re taking on a date. That’s why you have 25 first date ideas to choose from! You might be friends already and are thinking of taking it from platonic to romantic. This will be a lot different from a blind […]