I Found a Better Deal Than Dollar Shave Club – at Dorco

A few months ago, during the beardy times of Movember, I wrote a review of the Dollar Shave Club. DSC is a pretty cool monthly razor service that offers a killer deal. A killer discount when compared to paying $30 bucks for a pack of Mach 3 razor blades. I’d heard that Dollar Shave Club […]

Do It Yourself Fire Pit

Have you ever dreamed of having your own concrete fire pit?  Didn’t want to spend the costly amount for one at Home Depot?  Well, I have the solution for you!  Make your own.  Not only is it affordable, but it turns out looking manly, and works just as well as anything you could buy premade.  […]

How To Make Your Beard Grow Thicker And Faster

Right now I’m sporting a thicker than usual beard. For work purposes, I’m about to chop some of it off. That, and it’s summer in San Diego (which is a beautiful thing). I’ve been thinking, is it possible to directly impact my beard? Is there a way to make my facial hair and beard grow […]

Opening a Door for a Woman. Yay, Nay, When, How, Why and Where?

What’s the rule on this? Who started it? Do I need permission? Will I be yelled at? Will I be thanked? When do I do it? Am I doing it right? Answers will vary depending on who you ask. Some will say I don’t know and others will say yes, no or maybe. If you […]

9 Ways to Kick-start and Maximize Your Day

We all have down days. Barring a catastrophic, demoralizing, mid-day event, a “down day” often starts with a “down” morning.  Ever hit bed planning on having a knockout day as soon as you wake up? Only to find yourself sliding out of ruffled sheets and succumbing to your “master” the snooze button? It’s time to […]

Building Your Social Circle Using These Two Simple Steps

This is a guest post. If interested in submitting a guest post please read our guest posting policy then contact us. As a man, you know that your friends can play a huge part of how great your life is, or is not. That is why it’s critical that you understand and practice the skill […]

3 Things Great Leaders Will Stop Doing

Men aspire to influence and help others. We don’t want to live passive lives, taking a back seat to what others want. As I man, I hate seeing a person that needs help, vision and insight walk idly buy if I can help them out. That’s why we want to become better leaders—not for fame, […]

How To Remember People’s Names

If you want to be a leader, a nice guy, or just make new acquaintances feel valued, without a doubt you need to know how to remember people’s names. If you desire to be liked, feared, and a good salesman, Michael Scott would teach you how to memorize people’s names by using a mnemonic device. How To […]

How to Ask for a Raise and What Not to Do

Asking for a raise is like asking your parents to extend your curfew. You have to negotiate; whether you know how to or not. I recently talked with my boss to ask for a raise and it was only the third time in my life I’ve ever done this. I’m not a natural negotiator. I just […]

Support a Cause

A few weeks ago my niece wrote me asking if I’d be willing to support a cause she’s doing. There are two things that are awesome about this! First, she’s only 11 and is already helping kids in Africa. Two, she’s only 11 and is getting others to help. I’m so proud of her! This […]